Video Game Designer Resume

This page features a video game designer resume that contains effective guidance towards effective resume writing. Our endeavor is to help you drafting a resume through the example of this sample. Various sections have also been mentioned in this resume to make you understand the vital features of wring an impressive resume. Hope, this sample really helps you towards creating a winning resume.
A video game designer creates fictitious world that seems to be an actual world happening before us. Video game designer creates the compete detailed documents for designing  games like the look and feel, flow charts, rules and missions for a particular game. In brief, the job of a video game designer is to create extensive design documents for video games.  A career as a video game designer is fascinating and interesting.

The sample resume given in this page is for your reference. Make the most effective use of this resume by customizing it as per your credentials and professional experience.

Sample Video Game Designer Resume

Darcy Moore
7930 Carpenter St, Apt#55
Seattle, WA 98119
Cell: 123-456-8978


Summary of Objective:

To obtain the position of a video game designer where I can utilize my skills and professional experience in designing video games in a prestigious and growth oriented organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of basic graphic programs and programming languages
  • Knowledge of data base management, intermediate algebra, and system design and analysis
  • Detail oriented, creative with advanced technical writing skills
  • Possess excellent organizational, interpersonal, communication and time management skills
  • Highly creative, analytical with excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate game ideas in a clear, accurate and comprehensive manner

Employment History:

Fiction and Animation, Washington

June 2005 till date

Video Game Designer

  • Communicate with graphic artists, programmers and sound designers in creating video game documentation
  • Responsible for conducting research on current trends and demands of video game in market
  • Handle the tasks of supporting programmers in creating technical design documents
  • Responsible for assisting script writers in preparing character dialogues
  • Recommend changes to documents made by animators, script writers, character designers, and programmers

Visual Effect World, Washington

April 2003 to December 2004

Video Game Designer

  • Responsible for developing and creating rules of different game plays
  • Perform the tasks of creating world, characters and narrative elements and features of the game
  • Handle responsibilities of creating visual effect and look of the setting in which the game takes place
  • Coordinate with programmers to ensure that the implemented features are practical and worthwhile
  • Ensure that the designed games meet the expectations of the level designers

Educational Summary:

Achieved bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts

University of Washington in the year 2000

Professional Associations:

Member of International Game Developer Association- Washington

Personal Details:

Name: Darcy Moore

Date of Birth: 13/01/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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