Telecommunication Engineer Resume

Telecommunication engineer has a wide scope to work. A resume for telecommunication engineer may include responsibilities of a person as per his/her job in electronic/broadcast department.

This sample will provide you the pattern of writing resume for a person in telecommunication field.

Robert Allen
City, State
7th ABC, Lane
Home: 151-289-2134
Cell: 111-451-6712
E-mail Address


A highly talented telecommunication engineer, deep knowledge in designing and installation of electronic switching system. Efficient communication skill, excellent technical skill and can work with coordination under work pressure.

Area of Expertise:

  • Effective planning
  • Skilled in designing
  • Project management
  • Positive attitude
  • Troubleshooting

Career Experience:

ABC Telecommunication, Place, Year

Sr. Telecommunication Engineer

  • Designed electronic equipments such as routers, switches etc.
  • Lead project and made plans for effective working
  • Facilitated team members with equipments
  • Reviewed designs and records
  • Guided team members in sorting technical problems
  • Supervised working of employees
  • Conducted trainings for employees

XYZ Telecommunication Co., Place, Year

Telecommunication Engineer

  • Deigned complex telecom network infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting of multiplexes and switches
  • Research of field for making connection more easy and fast for clients
  • Maintained records of equipments
  • Scheduled meetings for implementation of plans in projects
  • Responsible for providing high speed data services to customers
  • Conducted interviews for fresher

LMN Telecommunication Co., Place, Year

Telecommunication Engineer

  • Designed plans using CAD software
  • Made cost effective plans for projects
  • Installed telecommunication equipments
  • Assisted technical team in execution of complex project
  • Attended meetings to meet customer requirements


  • Bachelor in Science, name of University, Year
  • Masters in … Engineering, name of University, year

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