Technical Engineer Resume

A technical engineer has scientific and engineering skills. He/she is responsible for detecting and solving technical problems. In some companies, he/she also designs technical graphics and assists in project planning and implementation.

Here is a sample technical engineer resume which illustrates his/her technical skills and steadiness in the job.

Willy Pearson
City, State
5th Boulevard
Home: 111-673-2056
Cell: 129-209-9870
E-mail Address


A result-oriented and assiduous technical engineer with remarkable knowledge in sorting and solving complex problems in system integration. Prominent in implementation of plans and training employees.

Core Strengths:

  • Skilled in analysis and fixing problems
  • Effective communicator
  • Proficient in project planning
  • Cost management
  • Quality assurance
  • Positive attitude

Professional Experiences:

ABC Company, Place, 2005-Present.

Sr. Technical Engineer

  • Responsible for modeling new equipments
  • Performed quality test of products and services
  • Analysed and solved technical problems
  • Led a project with rationalized operation
  • Achieved objectives through proper market surveys
  • Organized training sessions for employees for providing detailed knowledge of the subject and apposite working
  • Upgraded systems with advanced technologies

XYZ Company, Place, 2001-2005

Technical Engineer

  • Assisted architectures in technical drawing
  • Ensured quality of products and services to exceed company’s standard
  • Maintained technical documentations
  • Supervised implementation of plans in the project
  • Supported software developers in technical aspects of the product
  • Solved complex technical problem in the networking system

LMN Company, Place, 1997-2001

Technical Engineer

  • Assisted senior engineer in operation of machineries
  • Troubleshooting of devices
  • Attended seminars and trainings for technical advancement
  • Prepared reports in a project
  • Analysis and designing of systems
  • Responsible for market research for achieving target and meeting the customer’s satisfaction


  • Diploma in Electronics, name of University, Year
  • Bachelors in Industrial Technology, name of University, Year

Technical Skills:

  • LAN, IP, Novell Netware 3x and 4x, MS Word, MS Excel

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