Tax Preparer Resume

Tax Preparer Resume

Tax preparer resume has to have a very detailed information regarding your job profile. This will aid the recruiter to get an idea as to what sort of a previous work experience you process. The role of a tax preparer is more or less similar in various fields. It should be! Its tax!

Every tax preparer has to have a vivid knowledge of the finance industry. They should possess good knowledge about the government policies and rules with respect to tax. In USA, tax laws differ from state to state. Therefore, they should be well aware of all the legal rules in the corresponding state that they work in.

Tax preparers work in legal firms, tax-preparation services and accounting firms. The role of a tax preparer is to assist taxpayers to organize their yearly tax returns and ensure maintenance of accurate information.

A tax preparer has to go through the client’s financial profile and guide them in their tax-paying and other law related endeavors. They have to be at par with the present financial and political policies so that they can advise correctly. They help both organizations and individuals in their affairs.

Below is a resume that will meet the requirement of your hiring manager.

This sample will enable you to write an effective tax preparer resume. You will learn more about writing resume in a standard format. Use this sample as a reference to create your own resume.

Sample Tax Preparer Resume

James Fred

1234 Main Court
Santa Cruz
CA 95060
Phone: 257-356-7895

Career Objectives

Seeking a position of a Tax Preparer wherein my abilities and skills will contribute towards the effective working of the organization.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Good mathematical knowledge and concepts
  • Excellent knowledge of tax-related issues
  • Ability to research tax laws and prepare individual income tax returns
  • Comprehensive knowledge of state, federal, and local tax codes and publications
  • Familiar with basic accounting principles and practices
  • Knowledge of banking and financial markets
  • Ability to communicate effective with clients (both in written and spoken)
  • Multitasking, time management, and organizational skills
  • Attention to detail and excellent analytical skills

Summary of Work History

Pearl Liberty Tax Services, California

June 2005–till date

Tax Preparer

  • Responsible for calculating, preparing and issuing tax-related documents like inventory reports, financial statements and bills, and invoices to accounts department
  • Prepares simple and complex tax returns for small business firms and for individuals
  • Handles the tasks of preparing cost statements and reports
  • Verify and reconcile transactions like payroll, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, and checks in the computer
  • Consults clients to obtain information on deductible expenses, taxable income, and allowances
  • Handles tasks like reviewing financial records (for example, income statements and expenditure documents) to determine required forms to prepare tax returns
  • Handles and solves customer queries

Weber Tax Service, California

April 2003–December 2004

Tax Preparer

  • Performs the tasks of preparing tax returns for individuals and business firms
  • Conducts research and answers clients queries on deductions and tax codes
  • Assist clients regarding investment strategies, payment plans, legal issues and tax amendments
  • Maintains proper record of tax returns in the databases
  • Perform tasks like auditing tax return forms for completeness and accuracy
  • Completes tax forms in accordance with policies of tax legislation and regulations
  • Performs other essential related duties as required

Educational Summary

Master’s Degree in Finance

University of California, California in the year 2003

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Finance and Research Institute, California State in the year 2000


Member of California Association of Tax professionals, 2004

Personal Details

Name: James Fred

Date of Birth: 13/1/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request.

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