Security Engineer Resume

A person applying for the post of a security engineer should be specialized in designing and planning of security features. He/she is responsible for solving security issues. He/she should be an expert in testing of authentication, integrity and availability of a security system. An example of a security engineer resume is given below:

Carl Williams
City, State
3rd ABC Street
Home: 154-287-3021
Cell: 163-289-9098
E-mail Address


A result-oriented and knowledgeable security engineer. Proven skill in designing and developing plans of network and system security with sound experience of more than 10 years.

Core Strengths:

  • Project planning
  • Leadership
  • Quick in solving problems
  • Effective communication skill
  • Strong technical knowledge

Professional Experience:

JJ Consultancy and Services, Place, 2006-Present

Sr. Security Engineer:

  • Lead project from planning to execution
  • Provided detailed knowledge of the project to technical and non-technical team
  • Planned strategies on security of network administration
  • Analyzed plans and guidelines of security system
  • Tested hardware and software for installation on safety basis
  • Provided guidance on updating the network security system
  • Supervised and assessed working of juniors’ work
  • Conducted training program for upgrading engineers’ knowledge in technical field

ABC Company, Place, 2002-2006

Security Engineer

  • Tested confidentiality, integrity and authentication of information system
  • Worked on authorization and functioning of security system
  • Assisted senior engineer on security architecture and security review
  • Responsible for proper functioning of cryptography application
  • Maintained records of coded programs and security architecture
  • Troubleshooting of technical problems

XYZ Company, Place, 1999-2002

Security Engineer

  • Responsible for upgrading of existing security system
  • Tested authentication of software for installing them in an institution
  • Worked on firewall protection system
  • Worked on UN internet and web application security
  • Implemented security guidelines to meet company’s standard in projects
  • Assisted technical team in DNS infrastructure


  • Bachelors in Science, name of University, Year
  • Masters in … Engineering, name of University, Year

Computer Skills:

  • Unix-Linux system, MySQL, Apache, HTML, Red Hat

Production Engineer Resume

Here is an appealing resume for the position of production engineer. Production engineer is responsible for managing and planning sources and services needed to improve, maintain and raise the production of a company or industry.

Focus your roles and duties played by as a production manager/engineer. List your achievements made in respect of raising profit or achieving the target in previous company.

George Williams
City, State
Bright 8th Avenue
Home: 202-120-4532
Cell: 211-231-6767


A highly talented production engineer with broad experience in planning and organizing production plans for the development and smooth working of the company.

Core Strengths:

  • Efficient in building plans
  • Cost control
  • Quality management
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Ability to work under pressure

Professional Experience:

GB Industries, Place, 2006-Present

Production Manager:

  • Made plans and strategies for marketing activities
  • Directed and supervised projects to meet target
  • Supported junior engineers and subordinates in solving problems of production activity
  • Controlled and coordinate activities of production and processing department
  • Reviewed and analyzed production reports
  • Scheduled meetings for discussing effective production plans
  • Allotted of duties to engineers
  • Managed requirements and safety for staff members and labors in the department

SS Industries and Ltd., Place, 2001-2006

Production Manager:

  • Inspected production department for effective working
  • Meetings with team/staff members to know the status of the project
  • Effective cost management without decreasing quality of products
  • Guided subordinates in making analytical designs and plans
  • Market research to meet customer’s satisfaction and raising profit of the industry
  • Reviewed plans for advancement of products
  • Motivated team members in achieving target within deadline
  • Facilitated technical requirements to attain profit

RH Private Ltd., Place, 1997-2001

Production Engineer:

  • Evaluated and assessed test reports and designs
  • Investigation of supply of raw materials
  • Made budget and time management plans to achieve target
  • Supervised marketing department for purchase of equipments and materials for production to meet the standard of industry
  • Timely reporting to senior production manager about execution of plans and records maintained for effective production
  • Supported testing team for quality assurance


  • Bachelor in Science, name of University, Year
  • Masters in … Production Engineering, name of University, Year

Computer Skills:

  • MS-Excel, word, power point, Linux, SAP

Hardware Engineer Resume

Hardware engineer is responsible for assembling, installation and troubleshooting of hardware devices. He/she should be able in monitoring and solving problems. He/she should technically sound. He/she can also work in the networking field.

John Morris
City, State
ABC, 1234 Avenue
Home: 123-786-9083
Cell: 454-543-2908
E-mail Address


Looking for the position of a hardware engineer. Expertise in developing hardware designs, assembling and troubleshooting of peripherals devices and networking.

Core Strengths:

  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Skilled in troubleshooting
  • Skilled in use of advance technology
  • Quick liaison with employees and clients

Career History:

ABC Hardware and Networking Co., Place, 2006-Present

Senior Hardware Engineer:

  • Led a project which included designing, assembling and installation of products
  • Modification of existing hardware devices
  • Responsible for making digital design
  • Prepared operating records for devices
  • Troubleshooting of routers and bridges
  • Responsible for the maintenance of networking devices (multiplexer, modem, ISDN terminal adapter etc.)
  • Trained assistants in troubleshooting and maintenance of hardware devices
  • Supervised and assessed team members

LMN Hardware and Networking Co., Place, 2001-2006

Senior Hardware Engineer

  • Testing of computer devices
  • Managed effective communication and data transfer by …
  • Tested protocols (IP, UDP, FTP, DHCP, SMTP)
  • Installation and troubleshooting of gateway, routers, multilayer switches, repeaters)
  • Reviewed digital and analog designs
  • Meetings with clients for implementation of plans to satisfy their needs
  • Reviewed test cases
  • Motivated team members for achieving the target

XYZ Co., Place, 1998-2001

Hardware Engineer

  • Assembled computer equipments and peripheral devices
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and networking
  • Checking delivery of products or services to clients on time
  • Allotted duty for investigating the purchased equipments for maintenance and troubleshooting purpose


  • Bachelors in Hardware and Networking, name of University, Year

Computer Skill:

Operating System: UNIX, PLATO, NOS

Programming language: C, C++, BASIC and FORTRAN

Engineer Resume Objective

Objective- a very important part of resume. Your resume should be read further or not it depends on the objective. Objective statement should be concise and influential.

Sometimes candidates exaggerate the statement to make a resume effective. But remember an objective should include the following points:

  • Post the candidate applying for
  • Work experience
  • Expertise field

Objective is mainly written in the resume of a person who is a fresher or do not have much experience in the field. Objective statement should magnetize reader’s attention. Make the statement powerful as per the requirement of the company. Because a reader will select those resume which will fulfill the company’s need.

Here are some good examples of objectives for the person applying for the post of an engineer.

  • Seeking for the post of a … engineer with 6 years of experience in maintenance and troubleshooting of products and services. Possess strong communication skill and would like to enhance my professional and personal skill by working with the core of the industry.

  • Highly talented and assertive … engineer. Seeking a position of the… engineer to augment my skills and giving the best to the company.

  • Result-oriented, talented and versatile engineer with … years of experience in implementation and execution of plans for effective working. I would like to utilize my skills in the development of the company.

  • Seeking a position of the … engineer to apply my professional skills in the growth of the company. Possess excellent communication skill and experience in analysis and solving technical problems.

  • Highly talented and enthusiastic … engineer, looking for the position of a … engineer to utilize knowledge and skills in designing and modification of machineries.

  • Highly talented and assiduous engineer experience in sorting and solving problems of systems. Possess ability to work under pressure and meeting the target within deadline.

  • Seeking a position for the post of a … engineer to excel my professional and personal skills by working with the company.

  • Seeking a job for the post of an engineer to apply my skills and knowledge to thrive the core area of the industry. Possess excellent communication skill and deep technical knowledge.

  • Proficient and diligent entry level engineer looking for a position of the… engineer to augment my personal and professional skill by meeting the business objective.

Energy Engineer Resume

A strong resume sample for energy engineer is given below. Brief your roles and responsibilities in the resume as per your job description. Highlight your technical skills and educational qualification to make your resume more striking.

Charles Anderson
City, State
5th ABC, Street
Home: 101-144-9988
Cell: 111-333-7777
E-mail Address


Highly talented and experienced energy engineer with solid experience in dealing with different domain of energy (HVAC and alternative energy). Proven track record in handling complex projects and solving problems.

Core Strength:

  • Skilled in communication skill
  • Analytical thinking
  • Experienced in energy efficiency field
  • Decision-making ability
  • Positive attitude

Professional Experience:

ABC Nuclear Power Station, Place, 2006-Present

Energy Engineer

  • Responsible for the maintenance of the plant
  • Managed resources required in different projects
  • Allocated duties to subordinates for effective working
  • Maintained records and documents
  • Led projects involving nuclear legacy issues
  • Investigated the splant’s areas for safety measures
  • Provided support to engineers in troubleshooting of plant equipments
  • Responsible for the presentation of projects in front of clients and customers
  • Monitored functionality and operation of machineries

LMN Energy Groups, Place, 2002-2006

Energy Engineer

  • Responsible for installation and troubleshooting of heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Tested HVAC equipments
  • Made improvement in refrigerating systems
  • Restored different electrical devices
  • Prepared records for HVAC equipments
  • Modification of compressor and condensers
  • Responsible for the maintenance of vacuum pumps and heating pumps
  • Analyzed plans and strategies
  • Market survey for achieving sales-quota in projects


  • Bachelors in Science, name of University, Year
  • Masters in … Engineering, name of University, Year

Linux Engineer Resume

A Linux engineer resume must include his/her roles and skills in the networking field. He/she should have experience in Linux administration. He/she should have knowledge in analysis and correction of the server. An example for Linux engineer resume is given below:

John Smith
City, State
11th ABC Street
Home: 111-555-9090
Cell: 177-999-4545
E-mail Address


Highly talented, enthusiastic and ideal Linux engineer with solid experience in administrating, tuning and troubleshooting of Linux platforms. Proficient in applying new techniques to achieve the goal of the business.

Core Strength:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Self-motivated
  • Experienced in various domains of networking
  • Positive attitude

Professional Experience:

ABC Company, Place, 2005-Present

Linux Engineer

  • Responsible for server troubleshooting
  • Ran complex applications on platforms
  • Provided technical support on the Linux/Unix platforms
  • Supervised high-performance of systems
  • Installed Linux distribution on laptops and desktops
  • Experienced in data storage
  • Responsible for the modification of the embedded systems

LMN Company, Place, 2001-2005

Linux Engineer

  • Detected faults affecting performance of the server
  • Supervised the team working on log servers
  • Made plans for upgrading servers
  • Provided training to the subordinates
  • Deployed client-server based applications using advanced technologies
  • Attended meetings and seminars
  • Experienced in working on apache and red hat

FGH Company, Place, 1998-2001

Linux Engineer

  • Installed servers and different peripheral devices
  • Assisted in designing of servers
  • Assisted senior engineer in high performance of SAN
  • Improved systems for better functioning
  • Researched to meet customer satisfaction
  • Planned budgets and technical requirements in the project


  • Bachelors in Computer Science, name of University, Year
  • Masters in Network Engineering, Name of University, year

Equipment Engineer Resume

Here is an equipment engineer resume sample on our site to guide you in writing an effective resume. All the details and roles given in the sample are to here help you in updating your roles and responsibilities as per your job and ease. Build a strong resume while applying for the job.

Samuel Thomas
City, State
10th ABC, Lane
Home: 123-678-3489
Cell: 111-999-4444
E-mail Address


Highly talented, result-oriented and skilled equipment engineer with solid experience in designing and implementation of technical products and systems. Proven track record in creative layouts.

Core Strengths:

  • Creative designs
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Proper use of conceptual knowledge
  • Positive attitude
  • Easily build liaison

Professional Experience:

ABC Company, Place, 2005- Present.

Equipment Engineer

  • Designed and developed automated equipments
  • Evaluated layouts and made required alterations
  • Troubleshooting of devices and systems
  • Attended meetings for discussing technical issues in the designs
  • Maintained records and documentations
  • Tested equipments for proper operation and padlock systems

LMN Company, Place, 2002-2005

Equipment Engineer

  • Tested systems using automated software programs
  • Reviewed documents and records
  • Responsible for the maintenance of systems and devices
  • Ensured availability of devices for manufacturing department
  • Trained subordinates in six-sigma methodology
  • Responsible for allocating duties and shifts to junior engineers

XYZ Company, Place, 1999-2002

Equipment Engineer

  • Assisted technical department in operation of machineries
  • Responsible for the modification of existing equipments and systems
  • Responsible for preparing daily reports and technical documents and submitting it to senior engineer
  • Surveyed market for achieving satisfaction of clients and customers
  • Supervised designing team in a complex project
  • Assisted senior engineer in onsite commissioning of machineries


  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, name of University, Year


  • Trained in Six Sigma Methodology from LMN Private Ltd., Year
  • Facilitator Training from FGH Industries, Year

Technical Skills:

  • (Write your technical skill of the related field.)

Layout Engineer Resume

Layout engineering includes multiple engineering field- electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, architectural etc. A person specializing in a particular field of designing can apply for a job in any of the field. Here is a sample resume for a layout engineer:

Jack Williams
City, State
5th Golden, Street
Home: 123-909-4545
Cell: 111-343-5656


Highly talented and skilled layout engineer with solid experience in designing of products and machineries. Broad knowledge of technical aspects of machineries, equipments and ability to modify structural designs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Analytical approach
  • Strong communication skill
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Goal-oriented
  • Knowledge of advance technology

Career History:

ABC Company, Place, 2006-Present

Layout Engineer

  • Led a project in designing of CNC machines
  • Analyzed designs of pneumatic and hydraulic equipments
  • Ensured delivery of prototype to testing team
  • Evaluated proposals and attended meetings
  • Conducted trainings for engineers to augment their skills in CADMAX and Medusa
  • Responsible for modification of machines and tools

LMN Industries, Place, 2003-2006

Layout Engineer

  • Provided detailed knowledge of time, material and estimates for designs in projects
  • Analyzed CAD layouts and models
  • Responsible for the troubleshooting of machinery equipments
  • Designed high capacity and heavy load machineries
  • Researched and implemented cost-effective plans
  • Prepared reports and documents for meetings and seminars

XYZ Company, Place, 1999-2003

Layout Engineer

  • Experienced in designing of lubricating system
  • Provided technical support to manufacturing department
  • Assisted senior engineer in assembly drawing of machinery
  • Attended meetings with clients to redesign embedded devices
  • Analyzed machinery designs in terms of safety
  • Responsible for the maintenance of machinery components


  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, name of University, Year
  • Masters in …., name of University, Year

Technical Skills:

  • Auto CAD 2000, CADMAX, CADKEY, Medusa, RSLogix 500

Engineer Resume Writing

In today’s competitive market, it is difficult to get a position in reputed companies. Even, a highly talented person with qualified degree sometimes fails to get a good job. This happens because of an improper resume. Recruiter’s don’t want to waste time on reading a resume which is not written properly and does not reveal the essence of  the company’s requirement.

A resume should be professional. If a person wants to build his/her career in the engineering field, it is very important for him/her to build a strong resume. So, while preparing an engineer’s resume a person should be careful in terms of quality.

Sometimes, an engineer makes a good resume but he/she packs it with bulk of details. That loosens a reader’s attention and even an experienced and proficient engineer misses a golden opportunity in the specified field.

It is necessary to be specific and concise in writing skills and responsibilities in the company where you are working or you have worked previously. Mention your abilities as per the requirement of the company. Use bullets and readable fonts to highlight your abilities. You can also attach a cover letter to make it more strong and effective. Remember that each and every line stated in your resume is going to affect the interview. Be careful, while writing an engineer’s resume.

From objective to hobbies everything should be relevant. Sometimes, candidates use such adjectives and verbs so that their resume looks more striking. It is not right. A resume makes an image of the person in front of  the recruiter. And if you do not match the written resume it makes a bad impression and can affect your career growth.

Do not exaggerate the statement and other points in the objective. It should highlight the core area and goal of the post you are applying for. Your resume should be effective in order to grab the reader’s attention. A recruiter should feel like calling you and to know more about you for the applied job.

Be attentive while writing your e-mail address and phone number. Your e-mail address should be professional. Mention the achievements and prizes won at college level. Avoid mentioning your prizes won at school level in writing or drawing competition. Keep this thing in the mind that you are writing a resume for the post of an engineer in a company or industry and bundles of application will be laying on the recruiter’s desk for the same designation.

Be professional and stick to the goal and requirements of the company. Missing an excellent chance only because of inappropriate contents and flattering words is not good.

If an engineer considers the given step in the resume writing, he/she will never be disappointed and will surely be called for an interview.

Engineer Resume Format

Format of resume matters a lot. If the format is not appealing, it will not grab the reader’s attention. Highlight the topics in proper order. So that it may influence the reader. Keeping this thing in the mind; our site provides an effective engineer resume format. Whether you are fresher or experienced this format of resume will be beneficial in getting placement in the reputed company or industry.

Name of Candidate
City, State
Home: (123456)
Cell: (123456)
E-mail Address


(Mention the post you are applying for, experience in the field and skills in the objective and if you have mentioned the heading “profile” you have to write your experience and specialization in the field. Objective or profile should not contain more than 3 lines.)

Core Strengths:

(Add 4-5 special ability or expertise field.)

Professional Experiences:

(Always start from the present company/industry.)

Name of Company, Place, Year-Present



Name of Company, Place, Year-Year




  • Academic qualification, name of University, Year
  • (Any certified course)

Technical/ Computer Skills:

  • (Add your computer skills or any advanced technology you have been trained.)


  • (Mention your achievements or awards received in the company or in college.)

Personal Details:

(Hobby, Date of Birth, spoken language, nationality)