Supermarket Cashier Resume

When you write a professional resume, such as a supermarket cashier resume, you have to make sure that you keep the required contents of that resume ready. Such as: clear details about your previous jobs, educational qualifications and corresponding authentication details, and any special trainings that you have finished.

Supermarket cashier resume should contain all the vital details of your job profile. These details include detailed explanation about your previous job profile and all the other supportive credentials that go with it.

This supermarket cashier resume will give you good example of optimized and perfect resume. This resume will help you to provide vital information to your prospective employer. It is necessary to bring forth all the skills and work experience in the concerned field. Hope this resume will probably help you to get your dream job.

Supermarket cashier determines how much to charge for things. They need to possess detailed ideas of the different mode of payment and store policy on accepting payment. To fit into this profile, one should be friendly with good counting skills. Flexibility is one of the vital qualities of a supermarket cashier. It is necessary for a supermarket cashier to have excellent customer service skills.

Below is a super market cashier resume example that will help you to create a good resume.

Sample Supermarket Cashier Resume

Martin Holloway
1224 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
Phone: 452 555 1987


To obtain the position of a Supermarket Cashier wherein my knowledge and abilities will be utilized in a major supermarket.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Good mathematical and calculation skills with extensive knowledge of cash handling procedures
  • Knowledge of using computers in obtaining and billing different bills
  • Sound oral and written communication skills
  • Pleasing personality with good customer service skills
  • Extensive knowledge of customer identification procedures, merchandising and packing
  • Flexibility and ability to work for long hours
  • Good time management and ability to work under pressure

Professional Experience

City Supermarket Co, Florida

June 2005–till date

Supermarket Cashier

  • Responsible for scanning and entering the price of all items in the register to determine accurate amount of money the customer owes
  • Maintains bank of money in the register drawer and verifies it at the beginning and end of the shift
  • Place the items on a scale to get an accurate weight and enter the code corresponding to the product to obtain proper amount to be charged
  • Performs tasks like collecting payment for the goods and services, making change, and giving out receipts
  • Issue credit slips and cash refunds to customers or cash checks for employees and customers
  • Update and maintain sales information in the central computer

Attractive Supermarket, Florida

April 2001–May 2004

Supermarket Cashier

  • Responsible for maintaining accurate records of the goods and services without any mistake
  • Collects money from the customer in the form of electronic money or cash for the purchased goods
  • Calculate the total payment of the goods sold at the end of the day
  • Handles as well as solves any customer queries
  • Performs tasks like counting, sorting, and wrapping coins and currencies
  • Ensures enough cash at the counter for paying balance to the customer
  • Responsible for maintaining friendly environment and providing good customer service

Educational Summary

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
Business Administration College, Florida in the year 1997


Listening to music, playing base-ball, traveling and watching movies

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 23/ 5/1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


Will be furnished upon request.

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