Spanish Teacher Resume

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A Spanish Teacher’s role is to teach students to understand and communicate n Spanish Language. Spanish Teacher can work in high schools, colleges, and as private tutors. A Spanish Teacher should be able to impart the language in an interesting way. It is necessary for a Teacher to communicate a love and passion for the Spanish language.

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Sample Spanish Teacher Resume

Mathew Lawrence

66 S. Bailey Ct.
Baton Rouge, LA 70332
Cell: (504) 666-4557


Career Profile:

Dedicated, skilled and passionate Spanish Teacher with years of experience in teaching Spanish language and working with students and teachers in diverse multi-cultural learning environment

Areas of Interest:

  • Good working experience with children in  a multi-cultural setting
  • Strong knowledge and cultural awareness of Spanish-speaking cultures throughout the world
  • Extensive knowledge of the theory, principles and methods of second-language acquisition
  • Ability to speak, read and write Spanish language with high fluency
  • Strong classroom management and monitoring skills
  • Ability to manage student behavior and instruct students professionally
  • Excellent administrative and problem solving skills
  • Ability to prepare effective teaching materials with excellent teaching skills
  • Detail oriented, passionate and creative skills
  • Good interpersonal communication and management skills

Work History:

Flaming Learning School, Los Angles

January 2004 till date

Spanish Teacher

  • Introduce and strengthen the learning of Spanish language with supporting materials in Spanish and develops high level of proficiency the language
  • Teaches students on Spanish language, culture and history
  • Uses a wide range of instructional practices and teaching strategies to make learning interesting
  • Demonstrates positive attitude towards Spanish- speaking society and cultures
  • Encourage and motivates students to build up oral and literacy language skills suitable to age and abilities by consistent modeling
  • Participates in curriculum development programs
  • Grades students performance by conducting weekly and monthly test

Los Angles School, Los Angles

March 2000 to December 2003

Spanish Teacher

  • Responsible for teaching all the components of Spanish language like pronunciation, grammar, composition and sentence construction
  • Provides guidance to students on conversational as well as in writing Spanish
  • Creates effective classroom learning activities and prepares effective lesson plan
  • Monitors and teach students individually as well as in groups
  • Makes learning easy and interesting by using audio -visual aids
  • Teach students about Spanish language, culture and their origin
  • Updates students performance to parents and principles on a monthly basis

Educational Summary:

Master’s degree in Spanish language

University of Los Angles in the year 2000

Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language

Foreign Language Learning College, Los Angles in the year 1997


Certified Language Teacher, Los Angles in the year 2001

Personal Details:

Name: Mathew Lawrence

Date of Birth: 23/07/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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