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Solicitors are lawyers who generally deal with legal matters. Their job description is like that of lawyers and attorneys’ job description. If you want to apply for this position, then you will need a strong and optimized resume in your job application. Here, we have provided one resume sample for this position. The sample given below has all the qualities of good resume.

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Andrew Williams
234, New Island Rd., Houston, TX- 369459
Home- (333) 258741009, Cell- 159324300


Highly skilled and professional with strong knowledge of legal terminology willing to work in the same field on challenging position where my skills and knowledge of the field will be utilized

Summary of Qualification:

More than 14 years of experience of this field with strong knowledge of this field, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, self-motivated and enjoy working in team environment, strong presentation and organization skills, other Competencies include:

  • Strong Management and Administration Skills
  • Excellent Knowledge of Legal Terminology
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Excellent Knowledge of Legal Documents

Relevant Experience:

Thompson Law Office, Houston
From 2006 to present


Handling all the duties and responsibilities of solicitor position efficiently, these duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Mainly responsible for handling the clients and their issues from various areas like property, tax, employment, finance, law and so on
  • Arranging meetings with clients and discussing their problems
  • Providing advice and suggestions to these clients on their problems
  • Working in a team environment and maintaining a good rapport with the team members

City Law Office, Houston
From 2001 to 2006


Worked on the position of solicitor and handled all the duties assigned to this position, these duties are as follows:

  • Handled duties and activities like conducting clients’ interviews, discussing their problems and issues, providing them advice and suggestions and so on
  • Responsible for assessing clients’ problems and issues in team and providing solutions on these problems to clients
  • Handled other clerical duties like preparing legal documents and other things
  • Maintained a good rapport with the clients

ABC Law Office, Houston
From 1995 to 2001


Worked as a paralegal and handled all the duties assigned by the lawyer, these duties are mentioned below:

  • Mainly responsible for assisting lawyer and handling all the duties assigned by the lawyer
  • Handled duties like preparing legal documents, statements, reports, affidavit and other required documents
  • Responsible for other duties like helping lawyers in investigations and other clerical things
  • Responsible for communicating with the clients to understand their arguments and issues

Other Knowledge:

  • Highly proficient in computer operations
  • Knowledge of MS office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Internet Proficiency
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Law in Criminal and General Laws from Houston University in 1994
  • Legal Internship for 1 year at City Legal Advisors, Houston


  • Member of City Bar Association since 2006
  • Awarded with The Best Student of the Year by Houston University in 1994


Available upon request

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