Show Your Achievements

Most resumes are dry (so dry you need to drink a couple of glasses of water just to get through them) because they focus on boring job duties. Although your potential employer wants to know what you’ve done, she is even more concerned with whether you’ve achieved the desired results on the job. In this chapter, you determine what your relevant achievements are and learn how to put them on your resume, so you can get the most out of every word. Chronologically Clear The achievement statements in your chronological resume appear under the company name where you performed the achievement.

If you are a functional resume writer Your achievement statements should appear under the appropriate skill headings in the body of your resume. Check out the next functional resume template to see what I mean. Do you have a feel for where your achievements are going to be listed? Good. Now read on to learn some important things about creating the skill headings for your functional resume.

One of the key advantages to using a functional resume is that you define yourself by your skills, rather than by your former job titles. That’s why it’s an especially good format for career changers and those with tricky employment histories. The way to put the spotlight on your skills in the functional resume is to create skill headings, which appear in the body of the resume. The purpose of using the skill headings is to help the potential employer quickly identify you as someone with the talents needed to do the job. (Don’t forget you have to make a good impression during an initial eight-second scan!) If you keep your skill headings brief and put them in bold or large print, the employer will quickly define you by your skills, rather than by your previous job titles.

  1. Why achievement statements are a smart use of your resume real estate?
  2. How to present major headings in your functional resume?
  3. How to make the value of your experience obvious to an employer?
  4. Why action verbs add power to your sentences?

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