Senior Project Manager Resume

A senior project manager is responsible for the analysis of planning and budgeting of project prepared by project manager. He/she is responsible for attending meetings with clients to establish long-term relationship and guiding project managers for productive project operation.

Here is good sample for senior project manager resume:

Mark Williams
City, State
3rd Golden, Boulevard
Home: 165-218-9812
Cell: 212-878-3290
E-mail Address


A highly qualified and accomplished project manager with more than 15 years of experience in executing engineering and potential projects successfully. Excel in planning project budget for large-scale projects and navigating technical projects. Possess outstanding communication and analytical skills.

Core Strength:

  • Project Management
  • Negotiation Skill
  • Risk Management
  • Budget Management
  • Engineering Change Order
  • Documentation and Navigation

Career Experience:

ABC Company, Place, 2005-Present:

Senior Project Manager

  • Reviewing the plans and budgets prepared by project manager and suggesting necessary changes
  • Training and recruiting engineers for … projects
  • Leading a team of 28 engineers for upgrading the system and technique in a … project
  • Conducting meetings with project managers and leaders for implementation of strategic programs in different projects
  • Interacting with designers, developers, programmers, consultants and other employees for effective project operation
  • Mentoring and guiding project manager in regulatory compliance issues
  • Setting goals for myriad projects and establishing long-term relationship with clients

XYZ Company, Place, 2001-2005

Project Manager

  • Responsible for planning and scheduling of … project
  • Developed strategies and applied them in … project and upgraded the technique of the application
  • Prepared the engineering documentation and work statements
  • Attended meetings with clients and other project manager
  • Trained technical team in troubleshooting of …
  • Responsible for making presentation in seminars and assisting senior project manager in contract negotiation
  • Responsible for assigning tasks to employees and recruiting them for onsite visits

FGH Company, Place, 1998-Present

Assistant Project Manager

  • Responsible for reviewing the reports and designs prepared by engineers
  • Supervised team in the absence of project manager in a … project
  • Evaluated the performance and reported to project manager
  • Assisted project manager in planning and budgeting
  • Guided technical team in solving complex problems and also participated in the recruitment process
  • Responsible for project modeling and profitability analysis … project
  • Managed team of 9 members in … project and add value to it through effective risk management and planning skills


  • Bachelors in … Engineering, name of University, Year
  • Masters in … Engineering, name of University, Year


  • Achieved quick promotion for showing outstanding performance in … project
  • Spearheaded the company in top ranking through effective planning and budgeting of the project

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