School Librarian Resume

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School librarian plays an important role in supporting the curriculum and requirement pf students. The role of a school librarian is to gather, organize and promote information resources of the school library. A school librarian also promotes and implements school library programs as well as assists students in locating the required reading material.

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Sample School Librarian Resume

Isabella G. GARCIA
989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Cell: 404-888-4539


Summary of Objectives:

Dynamic and self-motivated professional seeking the position of a school librarian to utilize my organizational skills in a renowned learning environment.

Summary of Skills:

  • More than four years of work experience as a school librarian
  • Comprehensive knowledge of a variety of scholarly and public information sources
  • In-depth knowledge of the process and procedures of handling administrative tasks
  • Good research skills with ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Knowledge of basic computer applications like Word Processor, Spreadsheet and the Internet
  • Possess strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communicator with effective management skills
  • Skilled in using new technologies to instruct teachers and students

Work Experience:

Daffodils International School, Georgina

June 2005 till date

School Librarian

  • Facilitate the planning and implementation of learning programs to equip students with skills to succeed in a constantly changing environment
  • Provide guidance to students in locating and finding the proper book
  • Responsible for providing instructions to students on using various systems within the library
  • Perform tasks of analyzing the student’s requirements and determine appropriate information
  • Assign responsibilities of supervising library assistants in preparing cards, computer records, and other access tools
  • Provide assistance to students in finding the required information from the Internet

Daffodils School, Georgia

April 2001 to May 2004

School Librarian

  • Responsible for planning school library programs to meet the requirement of students
  • Perform the tasks of assisting children in locating books from shelve
  • Conduct classes related to research and computer usage like basic keyboarding and word-processing skills
  • Handle responsibilities like developing and implementing library programs to deliver effective learning environment
  • Assign tasks of reading stories to various grade levels and taught classes in absence of teachers
  • Provide assistance to students in developing bibliographies for completing research projects

Educational Summary:

Achieved Master’s degree in Library Science

University of Georgina in the year 2000

Achieved Bachelor’s degree in Library Science

Maria College, Georgina in the year 1997

Professional Affiliations:

American Library Services to Children- Georgina

Personal Information:

Name: Isabella G. GARCIA

Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


George Smith

Legal Head, Centre of Legal Bureau

Atlanta, Georgina 30125

Cell: 404-223-2698


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