Radiology Nurse Resume

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Radiology nurse as the name suggests, takes care of patients receiving radiological treatments. Radiology nurse works with medical equipment that is used to make diagnoses.  This nursing field is challenging and full of responsibilities. Typical task of a radiology nurse includes providing emotional, mental and physical care for patients. Radiology nurse educates patients and helps them to recuperate from the illness.

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Sample Radiology Nurse Resume

Angelina Anderson

989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Cell: 404-888-4539


Summary of Objectives:

To obtain a challenging position as a radiology nurse utilizing my proficiency and experience in a major health care organization

Core Competencies:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and methods of radiation oncology nursing
  • In-depth knowledge of operating radiation oncology equipment
  • Possess advance clinical and organizational skills
  • Extensive knowledge of planning and modifying clinical services based on the developmental stage, growth and age of patients
  • Good problem solving and decision -making skills
  • Effective communicator, both in written and verbal and  in a professional manner

Professional Experience:

Georgina Hospital Centre, Georgina

June 2005 till date

Radiology Nurse-Interventional

  • Perform tasks of providing primary and emergency services for interventional radiology patients
  • Responsible for managing care for inpatients and outpatients and incorporate knowledge of pharmacology, pathophysiology, and diagnose disease
  • Initiate medical treatments and procedures by adhering to guidelines set forth by the Medical Director of Interventional Radiology
  • Responsible for family support and discharge planning and providing staff in-services
  • Handle tasks of conducting research and perform administrative duties
  • Perform tasks of delivering patient centered care, and help create the highest level of patient satisfaction within IR

Central Hospital, Georgina

April 2001 to May 2004

Radiology Nurse-Interventional

  • Responsible for monitoring the blood pressure and heart beat rate of patient, and keep track of the patient’s vitals
  • Perform tasks of planning the safety of the patient during the operation or procedure
  • Monitor patient’s pain and provide relief to the patient in case of extreme situations
  • Responsible for teaching, counseling, advocacy and provide supportive functions to assist the patient and family to cope and adjust to their treatment and diagnosis
  • Plan and provide comprehensive outpatient care to patients and families with cancer being cared by for the Radiation
  • Provide nursing care adapted to individual patient requirements based on the nursing process that includes assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor of Science in nursing

Georgina Nursing College, Georgina in the year 2000


Georgina Certified Registered Nurse

Personal Information:

Name: Angelina Anderson

Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


Will be furnished upon request

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