Project Manager Resume Format

A project manager handles a very responsible and a decisive position in the company. An individual is responsible from planning to execution of a project. Consequently, for this post a person needs to build a strong resume to get a call for an interview. His/her resume should show the skills in planning, directing and managing the project. For revealing the skills in the field, a person needs an effective resume format. Your resume is the base from where a person gets a prospect to enter into a reputed firm or company.

To solve your problem, we are here to give a good resume format to help you in getting a golden interview opportunity in a company.

A project manager resume should state how a person implemented plans and strategies in the development and accomplishment of project.

Start your resume from your name, address and contact number. Then the most important part of resume is profile/objective. This section of the resume should highlight the knowledge, experience and success you have achieved as a project manager. It must show your result and action oriented skill in handling the project.

Mention your aptitude in the field. This section can be named as a core competencies/ strength, area of expertise, area of interest etc. This is a worth section of a resume which states some necessary and beneficial skills required for the post. Highlighting this section with bullets and numbering makes it more effective.

The coming section of the resume will give an opportunity to a professional to clearly state his/her proficiency and know-how in the work. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to describe your work HISTORY. Only mention important and related responsibilities as per the requirement of the company.

Next section is education. Here, you will mention your degree or certified course in the particular field. State the name of university and year in which you have passed out.

Another important section in the resume is achievement. Write your achievement you have made while handling the project. This will grabs the reader’s attention and you will get a call for an interview.

Here is a project manager resume format:

Name of Candidate
City, State
Contact Number
E-mail Address


Highly talented, result-oriented and experienced professional in handling projects from planning to execution. Proven track-record in accomplishing projects successfully through budget management and effective planning…

Core Competencies:

  • Project Development
  • Staffing and Training
  • Contract Negotiation

Professional Experience:

Name of Company, Place, Year-Present

Job Description


Name of Company, Place, Year-Year

Job Description


Name of Company, Place, Year-Year

Job Description



  • Bachelors in …, name of University, Year
  • Masters in …, name of University, Year


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