Product Engineer Resume

A product engineer plays an important role in designing and developing of system, product or service that are manufactured for sale. He/she also deals with reliability, compatibility, quality, price and usability of products or services produced for sale by an industry.

Amy Williams
City, State
6th Golden, Boulevard
Home: 233-298-9090
Cell: 213-567-4690
E-mail Address

Career Profile:

Profound in designing and development of devices and systems. Excellent communication skill with solid experience of more than 8 years as a product engineer. Have proven skill in maintenance of quality products and services.

Area of Strengths:

  • Analytical designs
  • Statistical thinking for solving problem
  • Project management
  • Work with coordination
  • Responsible
  • Positive attitude

Professional Experience:

XX Company, Place, 2005-Present

Product Engineer

  • Handled a complex project
  • Designed layouts for electronics devices
  • Designed complicated integrated circuits
  • Tested prototypes and made changes to improve its quality
  • Meetings with clients to meet their satisfaction
  • Supervised a project to ensure proper development of devices
  • Experienced in working with the development of digital signal processor
  • Provided DFM methods to subordinates in designing
  • Maintained proposals and records
  • Supervised manufacturing aspects of a product
  • Testing of circuits under ATE

ABC Company, Place, 2000-20007

Product Engineer

  • Worked on computer-aided designs
  • Reviewed designs and solved problem through analytical solutions
  • Tested products for usability
  • Designed 2D and 3D models by using CAD
  • Maintenance of tools and equipments in developing and designing department
  • Research for modernization of system
  • Ensured delivery of products and devices on time
  • Prepared documentations and responsible for releasing of reports and test cases to lead on time
  • Locate failures in device and provided solutions


  • Bachelor in … Engineering, name of University, Year
  • Masters in … Engineering, name of University, Year

Computer Skill:


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