Oral Surgeon Resume

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An oral surgeon is a surgical specialist, who handles a number of dental services like treating disease that affects the teeth, removing diseased teeth, diagnosing disorders and many more. Oral Surgeon operates on the jaws and mouth of patients and works in conjunction with surgeons, dentists and orthodontists.  Some of the typical tasks of an oral surgeon include consulting with patients, treating patients, discussing treatment options, recording patients care and overseeing aftercare and administrative duties.

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Sample Oral Surgeon Resume

Darcy Williams

2365 S Mayfield Ave
Chicago, IL 60652
Cell: 123-555-1234
email: William.darcy@gmail.com

Summary of Objective:

To gain the position of an oral surgeon wherein my skills and expertise in treating oral related problems can contribute positively in providing effective patient service in a prestigious health care organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of treating oral diseases related to mouth, jaws, head and neck
  • Advance knowledge of removing impacted teeth, reconstructing surgery, lip reconstruction and insertion of dental implants
  • Knowledge of handling and operating surgical equipment
  • Possess excellent knowledge of pain control and anesthesia application
  • Ability to provide quality care with maximum patient comfort
  • Good communication skills and has the ability to interpret ideas, clearly and precisely

Employment History:

Dental Care, Chicago

June 2005 till date

Oral Surgeon

  • Responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, and providing treatment counseling to patients in a comprehensive manner
  • Coordinate with  restorative dentists and orthodontists in diagnosing and planning treatment programs
  • Handle the tasks of providing emergency treatment in areas of facial injuries like intra-oral lacerations, facial lacerations and fractured facial bones
  • Perform the tasks of restoring the form and function by moving bone, skin, nerves, and tissues from other parts of the body to reconstruct the face and jaws
  • Treat problems that affects the oral mucosa like mouth ulcers and infections
  • Perform treatment of infections of salivary glands, oral cavity, jaws, and neck

Oral Care Centre, Chicago

April 2003 to December 2004

Oral Surgeon

  • Perform various tasks like dental implants, removing impacted and diseased teeth as well as provide anesthesia services
  • Responsible for treating diseases that affects the mouth and face and perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in these areas
  • Perform diagnosis and treatment of facial pain disorders like temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Assess the position of the wisdom teeth to determine the current problems or problems that may occur in the future
  • Perform minor cosmetic procedures like enhancement of cheek and chin, and minor facial rejuvenation
  • Review patients history and conduct oral surgery as required

Educational Summary:

Achieved bachelor’s degree in Dentistry

University of Chicago in the year 2000


Certified Oral Surgeon Practioner, Chicago

Personal Details:

Name: Darcy Williams

Date of Birth: 13/01/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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