Office Manager Bookkeeper Resume

There are many ways to write an office manager bookkeeper resume. One such way is provided in this page. A resume is an advertisement of your profile to the recruiters; therefore you can opt to give the relevant and customized information in your resume.

Office manager bookkeepers play an integral role in the effective running of an organization. They handle basic bookkeeping and financial tasks of the organization. A person in this position should feel at ease with dynamic and changing work environment. Office manager bookkeepers also carry out daily administrative tasks and manage a wide range of details.

Although office manager book keepers perform the above-mentioned duties, they will also be required to perform some other duties that relate to bookkeeping. They will also be required to train other intern bookkeepers. Therefore, the job description of an office manager bookkeeper varies from bookkeeping to managing the staff.

Your resume is an important marketing tool to convince your employer to call you for an interview. This office manager bookkeeper resume sample will guide in drafting a professional resume. The sample resume in this page is drafted in a standard chronological format. We have provided the basic principles of drafting a highly effective sample. Feel free to modify as per your job requirements.

The resume given below will definitely help you to get your desired job position.

Sample Office Manager Bookkeeper Resume

Isabella G. Garcia
989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Phone: 404 888 4539



To gain the position of an Office Manager Bookkeeper wherein my progressive years of experience will be utilized towards the effective working of the organization.

Summary of Skills

  • Sound knowledge of bookkeeping and QuickBooks
  • In-depth knowledge of billing and HR methods and procedures
  • Excellent interpersonal, logical, and organizational skills
  • Advance knowledge of accounting softwares, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet
  • Detail oriented with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Excellent in handling multiple tasks and works well under pressure
  • Good communication skills with energetic attitude
  • Ability to learn quickly and work efficiently with others
  • Knowledge of handling multiple tasks and maintain professionalism

Summary of Work History

Innovative Funding Association, Georgina

June 2005–till date

Office Manager Bookkeeper

  • Handle the tasks of collecting and processing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Responsible for preparing tax reports and tracking overdue accounts
  • Performs tasks like maintaining employees files and other important documents
  • Responsible for preparing contracts and tracking contracts
  • Handles the tasks of preparing weekly and monthly report for the Chief Officer
  • Responsible for managing time sheets, routine banking as well as credit card management
  • Performs other assigned projects as required

Bloom Associates, Georgina

April 2003–December 2004

Office Manager Bookkeeper

  • Responsible for processing payroll and updating payroll information to the Management
  • Handles the tasks of uploading invoices to the project system
  • Performs creating and maintaining project files
  • Prepares weekly and monthly project status reports
  • Responsible for creating customer submittals like document revisions and change orders
  • Handles calls, filling and other administrative tasks as required

Educational Summary

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Florence College of Commerce, Georgina State in the year 2000

Personal Details

Name: Mike Fernando

Date of Birth: 13/1/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request.

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