Medical Coder Resume

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A medical coder is an inseparable part of the medical administrative team that specializes in medical billing processes. Medical coder translates the procedures and diagnosis of patient’s health files into numerical codes. One can work as a medical coder in clinics, hospitals, physicians’ offices, public health organizations, nursing homes, and insurance firms.
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Sample Medical Coder Resume

Richardson M. Green
29 Bayberry Court
Gateway, GA 30372
Cell: 304- 555-5698


Career Profile:

Looking for a challenging opportunity in the field of medical coding, where I can utilize my skills and acquire new knowledge as a medical coder in a renowned health care organization.

Core Competencies:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of medical coding guidelines and techniques
  • Familiar with inpatient hospital coding, physician coding, outpatient coding, and facility coding
  • In-depth clinical knowledge with ability to interpret medical records
  • Possess excellent knowledge of advanced medical terminology, human anatomy,   physiology, and pharmacology
  • Good organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation and software applications
  • Attention to detail with good communication skills

Work History:

Paradise Health Care Centre, Georgina

June 2005 till date

Medical Coder

  • Responsible for organizing the medical information like diagnoses and medical procedures for reimbursement and compliance purposes
  • Perform tasks of preparing and maintaining medical files
  • Assign the responsibilities of collecting and managing confidential records of patients
  • Handle tasks of compiling and summarizing the medical data into usable report form
  • Responsible for handling insurance claims and insurance fraud claims
  • Perform tasks of verifying medical claim information by using records, laboratory tests, physician notes, and other documentation before assigning medical codes

Health Care Association, Georgina

April 2003 to December 2004

Medical Code

  • Assign the tasks of entering numeric codes into the database to produce accurate medical claim and statements
  • Perform responsibilities of preparing and maintaining appropriate code of various medical services of the health care association
  • Handle the tasks of checking medical charts for accuracy and completion
  • Responsible for verifying signature and medical data in computers
  • Prepare diagnosis claim and update the same to the healthcare providers
  • Assign tasks of investigating rejected claim, verifying information with the health provider, and updating the new details into the database
  • Responsible for dealing with medical fees collection and insurance fraud

Educational Summary:

Achieved bachelor’s degree in Science

University of Georgina in the year 2000


Certified Medical Coder

American Health Information Management Association

Personal Details:

Name: Richardson M. Green

Date of Birth: 13/01/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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