Medical Administrative Assistant Resume

There are lots of sample of administrative assistant resume available. Medical practitioners or physicians at a hospital/clinic generally perform purely medical field related tasks such as diagnosing a patient, conducting treatment, surgery and so on. However, apart from the diagnosis and treatment, hospitals need a dedicated and trained person who can take care of the administrative tasks. Such trained professionals are known as medical administrative assistants.

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Seek professional help and look over the internet for some sample resumes. Good luck for your job search!

An administrative assistant assists in administrative process. Their job is to take care of overall housekeeping and day to day functioning of the office, organization or an institution. The duties vary from organization to organization but certain duties are mandatory. Here is given a sample resume of an assistant administrative.

Seek professional help and look over the internet for some sample resumes. Good luck for your job search!

Please go through the following medical administrative assistant resume.

Sample Medical Administrative Assistant Resume:

Tom Green
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

To seek the position of administrative assistant in a well reputed hospital/clinic

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Talented medical administrative assistant with immense work experience
  • Thorough knowledge of the medical field and its standard procedures through years of work practices
  • Deep knowledge of the various job responsibilities involved in the medical administrative assistant’s work profile
  • Excellent communication skills along with specially developed soft skills
  • Working knowledge of the manual and automated diagnosis and treatment tools used commonly in hospitals
  • Active listener. Able to reframe patient’s health concerns in medical terminology for primary level documentation

Professional Work Experience:

ABC Clinic, Los Angeles CA (2005-Present)

Medical Assistant

  • Scheduling appointments, conforming the appointments with patients and providing the appointment list to the physician
  • Registering new patients. Retrieving previous treatment records for old patients
  • Performing the basic check-up procedures and recording the respective statistics
  • Interviewing patients to know further details about their previous medical history
  • Maintaining the hygiene of the treatment room and equipping it with the necessary drugs and tools
  • Taking the patient to the physician and providing the physician with all the observed and recorded medical history facts of the patient
  • Preparing and administering medication as guided by the  physician
  • Collecting biological specimen from patients as instructed by the physician, storing it appropriately and sending it to the pathologist
  • Performing basic sample testing and result analysis
  • Elaborating in detail to patient, the diagnosis procedures, before and after treatment precautions, diet, medication, etc.
  • Assisting the physician in actual diagnosis and treatment procedures by handing necessary objects and instruments
  • Executing routine office activities including those related to the patient’s assistance such as form filling, payment clearance and other administrative services
  • Keeping track of the stocks availability of drugs, disposable tools and instruments, stationeries, etc. Placing orders for the necessary stocks at the suppliers offices
  • Maintaining all the financial records up-to-date and ensuring timely clearance of all the credit/debit activities
  • Monitoring cleanliness, safety and maintenance of the clinic’s buildings and its premises

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