Legal Resume Template

Writing your legal resume is not very difficult task. However, organizing it effectively is very important and quite challenging task of your job hunting process. You should organize your resume in a way that will attract your recruiters to have a look. It should please your employers.

If you are looking for such a resume template, then here is one optimized legal resume template. This template contains all important sections of your legal resume. It will help you in making your resume attractive and effective.

The template is free. You are free to customize it for your personal purpose only. We hope that it will work well for you.

Legal Resume Template:

Name and Address:

This is a start of your resume. It contains your name and contact information. You should provide it in detail and brief. It helps your recruiters to contact you. For example:

Henry Richardson
234, New Island Rd., Brooklyn, NY- 369549
Home- (333) 258741009

Objective or Profile:

These two sections are optional to each other. These two sections contain relatively same information. If you write a profile, you need not to include objective in your resume. You objective should not exceed more than three sentences. This information should be specific and brief.

Qualification Summary:

In this section, you can write about your specific work skills, knowledge and other competencies. You can also specify your achievements. This information should be given in a bulleted list. It will attract your employers.

Work Experience:

This is an important section of your resume. Here, you need to write your previous and present job experience. This section is only for an experienced candidate. Here, you should provide relevant and specific information. If you provide it in a bulleted list, it will catch your recruiters’ attention. For example:

Company Name, Place
Duration: From 20xx to 200xx

Company Name, Place
Duration: From 20xx to 200xx

Company Name, Place
Duration: From 20xx to 200xx

Educational Qualification:

This section contains information about your educational qualification, courses and other trainings and certifications. You should provide in detail. For example, it should contain degree name, college/institute/university name and the year in which you received your degree.


This section contains information about the awards and honors you have received in your educational and professional career.

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