Legal Assistant Clerk Resume

Legal industry is an extraordinary competitive world. To enter into the field, you need a perfect resumes. This Legal Assistant Clerk resume will transform you to an exceptional candidate. It is necessary to bring forth all your skills, qualifications and work experience in the concerned field. A proper use of legal terminology is equally important. Feel free to follow the tips and make changes of this sample.

Legal Assistant clerks play an important role in handling legal processes. They form an integral part in the judicial and legal system. Legal Assistants assists judges and attorneys at local, state and federal level. They perform a wide range of critical duties related to the legal processes.

In this page, you will find a good sample resume that will enhance your ideas of crafting a great resume.

Sample Legal Assistant Clerk Resumes

401 Bright wood Dr.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60312
Cell: 703-555-8975

Summary of Objectives:

‘To secure a position as a Legal Assistant Clerk that will enable to use my legal knowledge and experience in a major legal firm’.

Summary of objectives:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of legal processes
  • Posses strong knowledge and understanding legal and judicial procedure
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiar with legal documents and codes of working in courts
  • Ability to understand and read complex legal documents
  • Effective time management, organizational and persuasion skills
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of legal jargon
  • Diplomatic with good interpersonal communication skills
  • Detail oriented with good decision-making skills

Professional Experience:

Richard Legal Associates, Illinois

June 2005 till date

Legal Assistant Clerk

  • Conducts research on legal documents for the purpose of providing supporting evidence for different case
  • Responsible for preparing affidavits, legal documents and other relevant correspondence
  • Communicates with witnesses, judges, attorneys as well as individuals related to the case
  • Assigns the tasks of preparing drafts of briefs or motions, files motions and other important documents
  • Supervise and monitor the delivery of subpoenas to witnesses, arranges travel or lodging for witnesses if required
  • Performs other related tasks as required under the instructions of senior attorneys

KK Legal Firm, Illinois

April 2001 to May 2004

Legal Clerk

  • Responsible for preparing legal documents and legal articles
  • Conducts research on various legal issues for the law firm
  • Handles the tasks of gathering information from clients as well as provide assistance to attorneys in the firm
  • Responsible for handling inquiries by phone or in person
  • Files pleadings, depositions, and other legal documents in open Court
  • Maintains and processes variety of legal work
  • Performs other essential administrative duties as required

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies

Illinois Institute of Law, Illinois in the year 1997


License practitioner of Law, Illinois in the year 2003

Personal Information:

Name: Marc R. RHOADES
Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


Will be furnished upon request

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