Kicking of Your Resume

Experienced players in the marketing game know that it’s important to create a splash right away in a promotional piece. The way to do that on your resume is to give top billing to qualifications that will knock the employer off her/his feet.

You’ll learn how to choose and compose opening statements that will draw in employers and make them start itching to call you. Right from the Start Kick off your resume with a Summary of Qualifications section. This section is a list of the top three or four reasons you’re qualified for the job you’re seeking.

Following are some steps to make your qualification section effective.

  1. Starting off your resume with a strong kick with your Summary of Qualifications
  2. Avoiding resume cliches that put the employer to sleep
  3. Facilitating a smooth career change with effective phrases
  4. Creating a mini-resume with your Heading, Job Objective, and Summary of Qualifications

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