Information Management Resume

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Information management deals in handling information systems of the organization. The vital role of an information management professional is to supervise and manage a variety of communication and management systems. Information management ensures that the information system of the organization is safe from competitors and hackers.

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Sample Information Management Resume

Patrick Harris
54, New Island Rd., Houston, Texas
Home- 252- 4052-340


To take a responsible position as information management and provide effective support to information management staff in a renowned organization

Summary of skills:

  • Possess extensive knowledge of management and business principles
  • In-depth knowledge of the principles and procedures of system programming
  • Familiar with current information system development and administration
  • Extensive knowledge of computer software and hardware applications
  • Comprehensive knowledge of operating system like Unix Windows, MS-DOS, LAN/WAN technology, Windows NT Network, and HP 3000
  • Proficient in designing system, programming and application documentation
  • Good analytical, logical and decision -making skills
  • Excellent time management, interpersonal and organizational skill
  • Ability to set goals, objectives, policies and work standard
  • Multitasking skills and ability to meet deadlines

Professional history:

Prime Network, Texas

June 2003 till date

Information Management

  • Responsible for organizing, planning and supervising the daily activities of technical staff in information system department
  • Performs system analysis as well as develops, implements and modify various systems
  • Handles tasks of developing, implementing, and reviewing disaster recovery planning and programming standards
  • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining system security
  • Performs tasks of developing and administering departmental budget
  • Establish standard and programming processes as well as implements and recommends system improvement procedures as required
  • Prepares and administers departmental budget

Texas Software Solutions, Texas

April 2001 to December 2002

Information Management

  • Performs tasks of planning the overall information resources of the organization
  • Identify changes in practices and requirements
  • Responsible for defining, providing and maintaining information systems
  • Deploy various strategies for site infrastructure, computer operations, LAN, intranet, internet, hardware and software and other applications development
  • Performs essential tasks of designing and deploying data migration useful for many conversions
  • Identify and evaluate current information technology operations as well as implement steps to support the technology needs of the business

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor’s Degree in computer science

University of Texas in the year 2000

Personal Details:

Name: Patrick Harris

Date of Birth: 13/01/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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