Health Care Manager Resume

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Health care manager plays an important role in health care services. Some of the duties of a health care manager include creating business strategies, handling administrative functions, and managing patient care service. A health care manager also develops budgets, implement policies, objectives, and procedures of health care department.

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Sample Health Care Manager Resume

Darcy Lawrence
1234 Main Court
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060
Cell: 257-356-7895

Summary of Objectives:

Seeking the position of a health care manager to provide practical and applied health care services in an established health care organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of documenting  progress notes, mental health assessments and pharmacological management
  • In-depth knowledge of classifying, prioritizing and managing complicated problems of patients
  • Ability to communicate effectively with physicians and patients
  • Possess excellent management and  business administration skills
  • Skilled in analyzing cost-efficiency and productivity data
  • Possess excellent communication with strong organizational skills
  • Good leadership, decision -making and analytical skills

Professional Accomplishments:

Successfully developed and managed operational budgets for 250 hospital bed of ICU Unit in ‘Lady Andrea Hospital’

Summary of Work History:

Lady Andrea Hospital, California

June 2005 till date

Health Care Manager

  • Handle the tasks of managing and monitoring the cost, quality and delivery of health care services
  • Develop and implement new directives and policies pertaining to patient health service
  • Responsible for purchasing supplies, equipment and organizing medical store of the hospital
  • Manage financial data and information by using computers
  • Plan and implement important changes for improving service delivery
  • Manage the development, recruitment, appraisal, and selection of staff

City Hospital, California

April 2003 to December 2004

Health Care Manager

  • Responsible for planning and coordinating the activities of medical and health services
  • Perform tasks of managing accounts receivable and processing insurance claims
  • Handle responsibilities of planning and implementing innovative strategies to improve health care management services
  • Assign tasks of recruiting, monitoring and evaluating the performance of ICU staff
  • Responsible for developing and administering budget of the hospital
  • Act as a liaison with medical staff and external vendors
  • Ensure proper maintenance of food items, medicine and hospital machinery

Educational Summary:

Achieved master’s degree in Health Service Administration

University of California in the year 2003

Achieved bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration

Institute of Science, California in the year 2000

Personal Details:

Name: Darcy Lawrence

Date of Birth: 13/01/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


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