Health Care Analyst Resume

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Health care analyst plays a significant role in health care organizations. A health care analyst is responsible for analyzing and compiling crucial medical data. The profile also demands generating reports for upper level management of the health centre. To provide reliable information for patients and medical staff is the sole aim of a health care analyst.

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Sample Health Care Analyst Resume

Isabella G. GARCIA
989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Cell: 404-888-4539


Summary of Objectives:

Seeking the position of a health care analyst to contribute my skills in collecting and analyzing data in an established health care organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • More than five years of professional experience in handling data management systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of extracting and compiling data, creating reports and displaying information
  • Skilled in handling complex database and financial data
  • Ability to conduct and interpret qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Excellent knowledge of computer applications and software programming
  • Ability to complete assignments on time and manage sub-tasks within budget
  • Possess excellent multitasking and problem solving skills


Ellison Health Care Inc, Georgina

June 2005 till date

Health Care Analyst

  • Responsible for researching and developing reports and analysis for senior management pertaining to membership, claims and authorizations, and profitability
  • Perform responsibilities of preparing and analyzing reports
  • Handle the tasks of evaluating hospital and professional fee schedule changes and respond to rate and premium changes implemented by the state
  • Assign responsibilities of preparing and maintaining documentation for the production of standard reporting processes and procedures
  • Generate and distribute standard medical reports and participate in health services committee meetings
  • Assist in developing financial models like cost and utilization trends, claim triangles, credibility models, and premium rate development

Georgina Health Association, Georgina

April 2001 to May 2004

Health Care Analyst

  • Perform the tasks of gathering and compiling health data as well as transform them into accurate information for future reference
  • Assign responsibilities of creating medical reports and review the same for quality assurance
  • Responsible for conducting data analysis by using basic skills in statistics and database management
  • Provide training session to staff members on accessing health information in the database
  • Support staff by explaining the use of health information technology

Educational Summary:

Master’s degree in Health Administration

University of Georgina in the year 2000

Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration

Forum of Medical Science, Georgina in the year 1997

Personal Information:

Name: Isabella G. GARCIA

Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


George Smith

Legal Head, Centre of Legal Bureau

Atlanta, Georgina 30125

Cell: 404-223-2698


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