Graphic Design Teacher Resume

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A Graphic Design Teacher role is varied, it is not solely to impart knowledge and skills to students, but to motivate them to be creative, and use their creativity in designing and finding solutions.

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Sample Graphic Design Teacher Resume

Isabella G. GARCIA
989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Cell: 404-888-4539


Summary of Objectives:

Passionate and skilled Graphic Designer Teacher to pass on the practical skills, knowledge and experience to students of creative to promote an educational climate which is scientific and technological

Core Competencies:

  • Over five years of professional experience as a Graphic Design Teacher
  • Highly proficient in current graphic design skills and practices
  • Outstanding communication skills with excellent portfolio of current commercial design work
  • Extensive knowledge of Abode CS applications and communication designs
  • Good problem solving, coordination and time management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of Illustrator, Dream weaver, HTML, Photoshop and Flash
  • Sound knowledge of graphic design tools and applications
  • Familiar with the content and curriculum of Graphic Designing class
  • Excellent team player with strong organizational skills

Professional Experience:

Millinton School, Georgina

June 2005 till date

Graphic Design Teacher

  • Responsible for teaching Digital Imaging,  three -dimensional Graphic design and Digital Illustration courses
  • Performs tasks like imparting knowledge on creating combination of shapes and forms, as well as words and images
  • Teach students on the applications of arts, techniques, disciplines and processes in communicating interpretive work
  • Conducts exams and grades students based on their performance
  • Monitors and maintains a safe environment in the laboratory class
  • Performs other essential tasks as required as per the instruction of administrative head of the school

Blossom School, Georgina

April 2001 to May 2004

Assistant Graphic Design Teacher

  • Teach students the concepts of designing layouts, storyboards and mechanical for various multimedia presentations
  • Prepares teaching and learning materials for students to deliver quality education
  • Assist Lead Graphic Design Teacher in preparing monthly reports of students
  • Develops Graphic Design teaching laboratory to make students comfortable to the subject
  • Identify students’ requirements and abilities through assignments, lesson planning, and continual assessments
  • Monitors and supervise students in absence of the class Teacher

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s degree in Science

Science College, Georgina in the year 1997


Diploma in Graphic Design

University of Georgina in the year 2001

Personal Information:

Name: Isabella G. GARCIA

Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


Will be furnished upon request

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