Final Things And Delivery

See, it didn’t take you 34 days to reach your goal, unlike Columbus. I knew you could do it. But before you start stuffing envelopes and announcing your career move to the world, take one more minute to review the checklist in this chapter as well as the tips on printing and circulating your resume. Then you’ll be armed with a winning strategy for getting your resume out to the job market.

These few design tricks will help to ensure that your resume looks spiffy once it gets into the hands of the employer:

  • Use an appropriate typeface.
  • Use the right size of type.
  • Use bullet points for your achievement statements.
  • Add vertical or horizontal lines. (This is completely optional and should only be used if the lines increase ease of reading or the aesthetics of the resume.)
  • Make sure you have enough white space.
  • Keep a clean master copy.
  • Make sure your reproductions are clean.
  • Use good paper

In this section there are:

  1. Making sure your resume is in order
  2. Looking spiffy on paper
  3. Using the right type
  4. Getting your resume to the employer

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