Entry-Level Project Manager Resume

If you are seeking an entry level position in the project management field and waiting for a strong resume for your job application, then here is a strong and optimized resume for this position. The sample given below is well-organized. It contains all the qualities of good resume. It will definitely help you in catching the attention of your recruiter.

Please feel free to customize this sample for preparing your own resume. It will definitely help you in getting this position.

Jonathan Richards
189, Northern Street, New York- 451809
Home- (369) 25722009, 36945927


An accomplished professional with the strong knowledge of project management willing to work on the position of project manager in company where I will get a chance to improve all my skills and knowledge of the field

Qualification Summary:

Result-oriented and hard working professional with extensive knowledge of project management field, strong communication and interpersonal skills, excellent leadership skills, strong presentation and organization skills, excellent problem solving skills, other Skills are:

  • Highly Proficient in Computer Operations
  • Excellent Technical Knowledge
  • Strong Planning and Organization Skills
  • Self-motivated and enjoy in working a team environment


ABC Company, Place
From 20xx to 20xx

Project Manager

Handling all the duties and responsibilities assigned to this entry level project manager position, these are as follows:

  • Responsible for assisting the senior project manager and providing help/assistance in completing his work
  • Handling all the clerical duties and activities of the organization
  • Attending all the training programs organized by the manager and the management
  • Responsible for studying all the projects and maintaining record of these projects
  • Responsible for maintaining a good rapport with other employees

XYZ Company, Place
From 199x to 200x

Intern Project Manager

Started working as an intern project manager and handled all the duties assigned by the senior project manager, these are as follow:

  • Worked as an intern project manager and assisted the senior project manager and his work
  • Handled all the projects and other work with the help of senior project manager
  • Responsible for maintaining communication with people and handling their queries and problems
  • Responsible for attending all the training programs organized by the organization for the intern staff

Other Skills:

  • Knowledge of Computer Operations
  • Internet Proficiency
  • Expert in Using various tools like- Photoshop, MS Office, Tally, etc.
  • Known Languages: English and Spanish

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration from NY University in 19xx


  • Best Student of the Year 19xx and 19xx
  • Best Employee of the Year 200x


Available upon request

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