Electronics Engineer Resume

An electronics engineer is responsible of developing, designing, analyzing, maintenance and troubleshooting of electronic devices. He/she can also work in the networking and communication field. Basically, electronics engineer has a wide field to work in.

Here is a sample for electronics engineer resume

Brian Moore
City, State
23rd Boulevard
Home: 202-2098-7899
Cell: 454-379-7921
E-mail Address


A highly talented engineer with in-depth knowledge in developing, analyzing, operating, maintaining and researching of electronic products and services. Hands-on experience of more than 10 years in Electronic industry.

Area of Expertise:

  • Skilled in programming languages
  • Skilled in broadcast management
  • Ability to solve technical problem
  • Expert in designing integrated circuit
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Team spirit

Professional History:

ABC Electronics Co., Place, 2007-Present

Electronics Engineer


  • Designed and developed sensor and electronic devices for security purpose
  • Supervised maintenance of electronic equipment
  • Responsible for making designs for integrated circuits
  • Troubleshooting of electronic as well as electrical devices
  • Prepared operating documents for devices
  • Supported assistants in testing equipments
  • Maintained technical records of prototypes
  • Supervised development and research team in a project

XYZ Electronics Ltd., Place, 2003-2007

Electronics Engineer


  • Operated complex machines and provided maintenance of devices to clients
  • Assisted production department
  • Assembled electronic devices
  • Tested proper functioning of capacitors, diodes and transistors
  • Supported technical team in troubleshooting
  • Trained assistances and juniors
  • Attended meetings for discussing strategies and modernization of product

LMN Electronics, Place, 1999-2003

Electronics Engineer


  • Assembled and installed electronic devices
  • Supported technical writers in writing technical documentations of particular product or service
  • Assisted senior engineer in troubleshooting of breakdown of machinery
  • Maintenance of signal transmission
  • Designed cost effective products
  • Assisted technical and production team


  • Masters in Electronic Engineering, name of University, Year

Computer Skill:

  • MVS, JCL, C++, Visual Basic, SQL (any certified diploma or course)

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