Divorce Lawyer Resume

This is a standard legal resume for the position of a Divorce Lawyer. This Divorce Lawyer resumes will give you good example of creating an effective resume. With this sample, you can communicate all vital information to your prospective employer. Ensure that your legal resume highlights all your skills and professional experience in the concerned field. This sample is sure to help you out in getting your dream job.

A Divorce Lawyer deals with dissolution matters of marriage. Divorce Lawyers help individuals to solve the stressful situations in life. They provide clients with the legal aspects of divorce. Divorce Lawyers ensure fair and appropriate judgment of marital assets.

Here is a sample resume that will help you to generate a highly effective resume for your job application.

Sample Divorce Lawyer Resume

1224 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
Cell: 452- 555 – 1987


Summary of Objectives:

‘To gain the position of a Divorce Lawyer in an organization wherein my skills and knowledge can prove effective in delivering effective legal service’.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the divorce laws and procedure of the state
  • In-depth knowledge of legal relationships like marriage and divorce
  • Good knowledge of investigating and reporting details of marriage
  • Excellent command over spoken and written communication
  • Good negotiation and interpersonal communication skills
  • Possess excellent analytical and logical thinking skills
  • Ability to explain legal concepts to clients in a clear and effective way
  • Ability to draft and gather complete data required to file a case
  • Multitasking skills and ability to work under pressure

Professional Experience:

Family Court, Florida

June 2005 till date

Divorce Lawyer

  • Handles the tasks of representing clients in marriage termination proceedings in front of  juvenile, or probate courts
  • Represents individuals in cases like child custody, alimony, division of property and child support
  • Responsible for investigating cases to obtain evidence and ensure the best path of legal action
  • Handles the tasks of writing and filing contracts, motions, and agreements to represent the best interest of clients
  • Assigns the responsibilities of drafting alimony, prenuptial , and custodial agreements
  • Provides necessary advice to clients on the legal issues related to divorce

Legal Justice, Florida

April 2001 to May 2004

Divorce Lawyer

  • Responsible for investigating various legal proceedings and drafting divorce disagreements
  • Handles tasks like representing clients in civil courts
  • Discuss details of the divorce with clients to protect the rights in best possible way
  • Responsible for negotiating with attorneys from the opposing party to resolve pending issues
  • Handles the tasks of drafting custodial agreements and filing motions on behalf of the clients
  • Performs other essential tasks as required

Educational Summary:

Juris Doctorate Degree

Florida University, Florida in the year 2000

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Procedure

Legal Studies College, Florida in the year 1997


Membership of Florida bar Council, Florida


Listening to music, playing golf, traveling and watching movies

Personal Information:

Name: Martin HOLLOWAY

Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


Will be furnished upon request

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