Disc Jockey Resume

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A disc jockey selects and plays recorded music for the audience. Disc jockey plays music and hosts programs on the radio, at special events or in clubs. The responsibilities depend on the working environment. Disc Jockey also talks about sports, news and weather. Sometimes, a disc jockey also makes comment on weather, traffic and sports.

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Sample Disc Jockey Resume

Austin Richardson

55, Merigold, Oscar City, CA Zip Code

Phone: (888)999-6666

Email: autsin@anymail.com

Career Objective:

To gain the position of a disc jockey, wherein I can make extensive use of my skills and experience in entertaining masses in a renowned entertainment and musical centre.

Professional Summary:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of handling and using disc jockey equipment
  • Familiar with the concepts and techniques of mixing audio, playing songs, and sound mixing
  • Possess excellent public speaking and communication skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of using disc jockey equipment like the mixer, the amps, and the turntables
  • Ability to access accurate sound and communicate effectively with a variety of audiences
  • Possess good coordination of hand and ear and has the ability to work calmly under pressure

Employment History:

Ellen Entertainment Group, Florida

August 2009 till date

Disc Jockey

Job Responsibilities:

Primary role of this position include planning and announcing radio programs of musical selection.  . Other duties include:

  • Giving comment on music and other matters like weather and traffic conditions
  • Conducting interviews of celebrities and musical personalities
  • Selecting and playing musical selections of various styles to meet the current customer base
  • Taking requests from customers and providing a fun atmosphere within the center by providing constant interaction with the guests in the facility
  • Updating the release of  latest movies and music to the audience

Radio City, Florida

January 2005 to July 2009

Disc Jockey

Job Responsibilities:

  • Selecting phonograph or tape recording to be played based on the program specialty, audience taste, or by listening audience requests
  • Conducting interview of listeners who comes up with musical requests through telephone
  • Commenting on new releases on movies and musical packs
  • Writing entries onto log to provide information the elements aired during broadcast like musical selections and station promotions
  • Announcing radio programs to be broadcast on a daily basis

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved bachelor’s degree in Radio Broadcasting

University of Florida in the year 2004


Will be pleased to provide upon request

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