Criminal Law Clerk Resume

Drafting a professional legal resume needs attention. This Criminal Law Clerk resume will assist you in preparing an impressive resume. It is necessary to know the basic principles or standard format of writing legal resumes. This is so, because it can mean the difference between getting an interview call or not. You can follow this simple legal to get on to the right track.

A Criminal Law Clerk provides assistant to judge in handling cases in the court. The main role of a Criminal Law Clerk is to maintain proper record of every details going on in the court.

We have created a sample legal resume that covers all the important sections to build up a perfect resume.

Sample Criminal Law Clerk Resumes

401 Bright wood Dr.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60312
Cell: 703-555-8975

Summary of Objectives:

‘To obtain a challenging role in the field of criminal law wherein my progressive four years of legal experience can make good contribution in a legal environment’.

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s degree in Law (Criminal Law)

Illinois Forum of Legal Studies, Illinois in the year 1997

Summary of objectives:

  • Extensive knowledge of criminal laws and judicial procedures
  • Good knowledge of legal terminology and concepts
  • Outstanding command over written and verbal communication skills
  • Good persuasive and counseling skills
  • Ability to grasp and interpret complex legal documents
  • Ability to work in  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet
  • Good research and analytical skills
  • Familiar with court rules and work effectively with judges and attorneys

Professional Experience:

State Criminal Court, Illinois

June 2000 till date

Criminal Law Clerk

  • Responsible for assisting and providing clerical support to criminal law attorneys
  • Handles the tasks of assisting criminal law attorneys in criminal investigation activities
  • Performs tasks like conducting research and gather relevant facts relating to the case
  • Responsible for maintaining and organizing client’s documents in an organized manner
  • Assigns the tasks of assisting criminal attorneys in preparing case documents and filings
  • Gathers case records and documents to the criminal attorney for reviewing and processing

Judicial Bar Association, Illinois

April 1998 to May 2000

Criminal Law Clerk

  • Responsible for conducting initial appearances as well as determines conditions of pre-trial release for arrested persons
  • Handles the tasks of preparing procedural cases histories for trial and hearing
  • Perform research on paternity and child custody issues as well as  prepares  court orders
  • Assigns the tasks of issuing charging documents, warrants and summonses
  • Reviews case files and briefs judge on case- law research
  • Handles the tasks of writing opinions under the instructions of the judge


Active Member of Illinois bar Council, Illinois

Personal Information:

Name: Marc R. RHOADES
Date of Birth: 23.05.1974

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Married


Will be furnished upon request

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