Creating the Right Header

When you introduce yourself at a social, business, or networking event, your name is frequently a springboard for conversation. It’s the thing you most want people to remember, because it’s what they’ll use to find you again. For that reason, clever folks say their name clearly and, if possible, make it stand out. (I often say, “Susan Ireland, like the country.”)

The same principle applies to your resume: You want your name to stand out, and you want to tell the reader what kind of job you’re looking for. Whether you’re writing a chronological or functional resume, the guidelines provided here for creating the Heading and Job Objective sections apply.

In this section,

  1. Designing a heading that makes your name stand out.
  2. Including the right contact information.
  3. Writing a concise Job Objective statement to get the job you want.
  4. Substituting a professional title for the Job Objective statement.

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