Cover Letters & Thank You Letters

With the exception of junk mail, a letter is welcomed by almost everyone, and your prospective employer is no exception. In fact, your cover and thank-you letters might be the elements of your application that send the message that you’re the one for the job. Whether it’s the way you sell yourself in writing or the personality that comes through in your words, your letter holds the power to make a personal connection between you and the manager.

“Easy for you to say,” you mumble.
“You’re a writer. I freeze at the thought of putting my pen to paper.” Relax! this page gives some easy-to-follow advice that will make your fingers fly across your keyboard to create letters that work.

This section of best resume writing will show you how to write good cover letter or thank you letters.

1. Letter Writing Styles

2. Writing Cover Letter

3. Writing Thank You Letter

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