Consultant Project Manager Resume

A consultant gives information and suggestion on their expertise field. He/she can be expertise in any of the field like- medical, public affairs, law, human resources, management etc.  A person can capitalize his/her career by working in this field as a project manager.

A format of a consultant project manager resume is given below:

Nancy Thompson
City, State
3rd Golden, Street
Home: 312-200-2444
Cell: 818-199-7612
E-mail Address


A highly talented and experienced professional with extensive experience in consulting and marketing. Proven track record in providing excellent service and in managing project planning and scheduling. Possess outstanding skill and ability to work under pressure.

Core Strength:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Training and Planning
  • Project Management Skill
  • Excellent Motivator and Coordinator

Professional Experience:

FGH Consultancy and Services, Place, 2005-Present

Consultant Project Manager

  • Responsible for leading the team of 25 consultants
  • Developing plans for effective marketing and consulting services
  • Delegating duties to consultants and assessing their performance
  • Responsible for the recruitment and posting of consultants in the branch offices
  • Ensuring the availability of specification in the project
  • Reviewing the documents prepared by assistants and consultants
  • Attending meetings with executive and  other managerial staff of the company

JKL Company, Place, 2001-2005

Assistant Consultant Project Manager

  • Assisted project manager in planning and scheduling of the projects
  • Provided detailed information to employees for the running projects to work effectively
  • Attended meetings and seminars with project manager
  • Prepared documents as per senior project manager suggestion
  • Analyzed the budget report and ensured the implementation of plans in the project
  • Supervised team of 7 consultant for a potential client
  • Handled and guided team members in the absence of project manager
  • Managed time, cost and risk issues planning in the project

BNN Company, Place, 1998-2001

Senior Consultant

  • Worked for myriad projects and performed the assigned tasks for proper work flow in projects’ day –to- activities
  • Prepared charts and tables for the project delivery and quality work
  • Provided necessary information to employees for clients’ proposals
  • Trained junior consultants to enhance their skills in consulting methodology
  • Established more and long term relationship with clients through effective communication
  • Assessed needs of clients through research and offered best services by adding value to the project
  • Worked under the supervision of project manager to prepare pre-sales pitch and other important statistics


  • Bachelors in Arts, name of University, Year
  • Masters in …, name of University, Year


  • Add value to projects by proper planning and scheduling
  • Increased clients’ number by delivering projects on time and with quality service

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