Computer System Analyst Resume

This Computer System Analyst resume will help you to generate a good resume. Like every technical resume, this sample focuses on the skills and experience section. This resume example will provide you the proper format to create an effective technical resume. Make sure that your resume is organized with accurate information. This sample will prove as a practical guide in creating a standard technical resume.

Computer System Analyst plays an integral role in the effective working of an organization. The role of a Computer Analyst varies according to the organization. However, Computer System Analyst customizes computer systems to meet the specific requirements of information technology. Generally, a Computer System Analyst works by coordinating with Software Engineers, Programmers and Network Security Specialist.


This resume example will provide you details of drafting a good resume. Feel free to customize this sample as per your skills and experience.

Sample Computer System Analyst Resume

Isabella G. GARCIA
989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Cell: 404- 888-4539


Career Objectives:

‘Seeking a position as a Computer System Analyst to make extensive use of my software and hardware knowledge towards the growth of the organization’

Core Competencies:

  • Extensive knowledge of hardware and software applications and programming
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and methods for training  designing and curriculum
  • Highly proficient in the concepts and applications of algebra, statistics, and geometry
  • Possess good troubleshooting, critical thinking, and service orientation skills
  • Good command over spoken and written communication skills
  • Good time management and ability to work efficiently under limited time constraint
  • Good interpersonal and problem solving skills
  • Multitasking skills and ability to meet deadlines

Work Experience:

Organization: Global Software Solutions, Georgina

Duration: 2003 till date

Designation: Computer System Analyst

  • Responsible for networking computer systems with external clients
  • Performs the tasks of testing and debugging new and revamped computer systems
  • Handles the tasks of designing as well as updating the software that runs in the computer
  • Assist management regarding budget of proposed technology by preparing cost-benefit and return on investment
  • Monitors and oversees the implementation of required software and hardware components
  • Handles the tasks of preparing flow charts, specifications, and process diagrams for computer programmers
  • Coordinates with programmers to eliminate or debug errors from the system
  • Monitors the initial use of the system to ensure its working as planned

Organization: Sytech Soft Globe Inc, Georgina

Duration: 1998 to 2002

Computer System Analyst

  • Plans, designs, installs and develops new computer system and its applications
  • Responsible for preparing cost-benefit as well as return-on-investment report for the management team
  • Performs the tasks of testing and debugging new computer systems and its communicating network
  • Assigns the tasks of revamping the existing computer system for new tasks
  • Develops programs and meets user requirements by reading manuals, technical reports and periodicals
  • Performs the tasks of testing, maintaining and monitoring computer systems and programs

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s degree in Information Science

Information Technology Centre, Georgina in the year 1992


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