Civil Engineer Resume

Civil engineers play an important role in designing projects on dams, roads, buildings and canals etc. They are responsible in executing the of construction work on sites in proper and efficient manner. They are responsible for the quality of material and tools used in construction. They should possess good communication skill for developing good liaison with clients and employees. They must be skilled at their work to solve any complicated problem.

Here is a sample resume for civil engineer.

Richard Miller
City, State
6th, Silver Lane
Home: 010-100-1001
Cell: 454-333-3453


Seeking the position of civil engineer. I would like to enhance my working skill by handling multifarious and challenging projects of a company.

Core Efficiencies:

  • Creative and strong designing of buildings
  • Positive attitude
  • Result oriented
  • Excellent technical skill
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Build easy rapport with clients and employees
  • Broad thinking for progress of project

Professional Experience:

XYZ Construction Co., Place, 2005-Present

Civil Engineer

  • Handled a complex building project
  • Guided and supported employees in the project
  • Dealt with safety majors for labors working on sites
  • Managed availability of materials and other necessities of projects
  • Designed an edifice for insurance company
  • Supervised implementation of work on sites
  • Responsible for completion of domain project of a market
  • Solving problems in running projects especially in terms of safety

ABC Construction Co., Place, 2001-2005

Civil Engineer

  • Designed a construction for the office of MNC
  • Presentation of designs and proposals
  • Solved problem in a building project against natural calamities
  • Worked in a team of bridge construction project
  • Reviewing designs and proposals of assistants
  • Analysis of material and equipments used in the projects
  • Trained and supported engineers in well built designing
  • Attended regular meetings for knowing the progress of projects

GHJ Co., Place, 1997-2001

Civil Engineer

  • Worked on residential projects
  • Assisted senior engineer in designing a project on dam
  • Worked on technical aspects of dam project
  • Supervised cost, time and material requirements on a canal project with senior civil engineer
  • Maintained records for the smooth and proper running of projects
  • Supervised field work considering implementation of design and safety


  • Appreciated for getting approval of big projects from a client
  • Awarded for well built and amazing designs
  • Awarded for solving complicated problem in canal project


  • Bachelor Degree in Science, name of University, Year
  • Master in Civil Engineering, name of University, Year

Computer Skill:

  • Proficiency in MS-Office 2003, HTML, C and C++

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