Chemical Engineer Resume

A chemical engineer is responsible for developing, testing and researching of new products in the chemical and biological field. He/she can also improve the quality of the existing products. He/she should have detailed knowledge about the subject they are working on. Chemical engineers can work in pharmaceuticals, petro-chemical, bio-chemical companies.

Prepare an impressive resume for applying for the post of chemical engineer. Add your specializations, experiences and responsibilities of companies where you have worked earlier. Always write your present job and duties at first.

John Smith
City, State
6th, Green Lane
Home: 111-110-1010
Cell: 115-555-5655


Highly talented chemical engineer developed and researched on various material and chemicals with advanced technology. Proven skilled in testing of chemicals and given effective products/services to companies.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Skilled in testing
  • Developed new and beneficial products for customers
  • Skilled in latest technique
  • Cost effective products
  • Result oriented

Professional Experience:

XYZ Chemical Industry, Place, 2006-Present

Chemical Engineer

  • Developed and tested chemicals
  • Testing of chemicals for their utilization in drugs
  • Analysis of test cases written by team members
  • Advancement and changes done in existing products as per customer needs
  • Supervised separation and treatment of chemicals
  • Developing anti-chemicals
  • Prepared reports for analyzed test cases
  • Attended meetings and workshops for advanced technology going to be used in the process

ABC Chemical Company, Place, 2000-2006

Chemical Engineer

  • Supervised development process of medicines
  • Tested and analyzed reports on developed medicines
  • Developed valuable insulin
  • Developed new vaccines for veterinary organizations
  • Meetings with medical department to meet their satisfaction
  • Providing support to testing team in test cases

Chemical Industry, Place, 1997-200

Chemical Engineer

  • Worked on different formulas of chemicals for producing new product
  • Tested chemicals and other products for agriculture department
  • Worked on water treatment project
  • Worked on reduction of greenhouse gases project
  • Assisted project leader in testing and researching of chemical products


  • Bachelor of Science, name of University, Year
  • Chemical Engineering, name of University, Year

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