Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

Hospitals and some of the large clinics accommodate patients who need long and time consuming treatments under complete vigilance of expert medical professionals. Such patients are examined timely by the specialists; however, for the rest of the time, they are looked after by nurses and their assistants known as nursing assistants.

Generally, medical practitioners need expert assistants who can carry out post treatment procedures and can record precise observations as consequences of the treatment. The remaining caretaking and administrative tasks related to the resident patients are borne by nursing assistants. Some of these job tasks are monitoring medication times, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness around the patient’s bed, performing routine maintenance works and so on.

Now refer to the sample certified nursing assistant resume given below.

Sample Certified Nursing Assistant Resume:

Tom Green
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890


Career Objective:

To seek the position of Nursing Assistant in a well reputed hospital


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Tremendously hardworking and highly experienced, certified nursing assistant
  • Great proficiency in performing nursing tasks and acquired respective certification for the same
  • Immense work enthusiasm with great willingness to serve patients
  • Profound familiarity with the peculiar seriousness in hospital environments and ability to maintain the same for providing patients with maximum benefits of the treatment
  • Knowledge of commonly used precautions during medication of a patient
  • Excellent aptitude along with uncommon ability of learning new things quickly
  • Good understanding of do’s and don’ts for patients suffering from particular disease
  • Pleasant personality accompanied by immense fluency in communication
  • Proven track records of successful performances, both as an individual or as a team player

Professional Work Experience:

PQR Hospital, Los Angeles CA (2004-Present)

Nursing Assistant

  • Monitoring resident ward patients as a part of their treatment plans as instructed by the supervising nurses
  • Attending patient calls to serve their needs as well as monitoring their health status
  • Assisting patients in their basic activities such as seating, walking, bathing, dressing, etc
  • Serving breakfast and meals and collecting dishes after eating. Feeding disabled patients personally
  • Transporting patients for different checking procedures and treatments, using wheel chairs, wheeled carts or walking assistance equipments
  • Interacting with patients to explain complex medical terminology and procedures, and to encourage them about the success of ongoing treatments
  • Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at and around patient’s treatment and resting place
  • Observing appropriate disposal of the waste materials, objects used for patient’s treatments and general usage
  • Ensuring patient safety by observing validity of medicinal materials and appropriateness of medical equipments
  • Keeping records of routine basic check ups such as blood pressure, pulse rate, etc and informing the supervising nurse about abnormal records
  • Working in rotational shifts and handing work charge to the next shift person by providing correct and accurate observational records

Academic education:

  • Associate diploma in health science from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2003)
  • Completed a six month course in nursing and acquired respective certification (2004)



References: Will be available on request

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