Nurse Resume

Studies indicate that the demand of health care professionals has been steadily on the rise and so is the demand for good nurses. The profession of nursing has become very specialized these days. Therefore, the competition has become very stiff. There are many candidates who aspire for this profession. Hence, it is very important for you write your nurse resume in such a manner that a recruiter will give you a chance for an interview.

When you mention the year of your graduation, do not forget to mention the name of your degree, your academic honors and scholarships. This is quite helpful when you do have several years to your credit. If you do not have much experience, then it would be a good idea to mention where you did your internship from. If you do have the relevant experience, then mention the department where you were working and, if you have any specialization, then mention that too.

Nurses are expected to work in shifts and work with a lot of dedication and patience. You must show this in your resume. Also give information about your license. Highlight the specific keywords that will make your resume impressive.

When you write about your experience, use bullet points to write about the various responsibilities that you were assigned. Do not forget to mention if you've received any appreciation or awards. The sample of the various nurse resume will guide you to write a good resume of your own.