Manager Resume

A well written manager resume has a dual purpose; it can get you an interview call from good companies and more importantly, it can get you a good salary as well. This is because a good resume is actually read by the recruiters, and they are likely to call you for an interview, only if you are able to convince them that you are suitable for the job.

Your manager resume should be able to prove to the recruiters that you do have the skills and the relevant experience to perform extremely well as a manager. This message can be put across to the recruiter only if you write it very clearly in the beginning itself.

Your manager resume should be able to explain your specialization, past experience, your designation, and the relevant skills, so that the hiring managers are able to know if they can hire you. Your summary of skills should give specific information regarding your core competencies.

If you describe your accomplishments, then it is very important to quantify them. If you state in your manager resume that you were responsible for handling a team of ten people, then also mention how the company benefited from your leadership.

Try to make your resume concise and to the point. It is advisable to restrict your resume to two pages only. Most of the recruiters don't have the time to look at a very long resume. Just follow these tips and take a look at the various examples in this website, and it will help you to write your manager resume. For more samples, check section of website. They have some really good collection of various manager related resumes.