Finance Resume

If you want to write an excellent finance resume, then it is advisable to focus on your skills, your areas of expertise, the certificate courses that you have done and also your accomplishments. The words of your career objectives should also be chosen with care. Many people think of writing their resume as an arduous task. If you devote some time and work hard to write your resume, it will definitely reap fruitful results.

When you write your skills, mention them in the first half of the first page, preferably in the section of executive summary. In this section, you can also mention the kind of experience that you've had.

When you mention your past work experience, list it in a chronological order. Start with the most recent one and so on. Do not forget to mention your designation, name of the company, duration for which you worked there and also your job responsibilities. List your job responsibilities, so that the recruiter will be able to see very clearly if you have relevant experience.

In your qualifications section, mention all the certificate programs that you might have attended, along with your degree qualifications. Also mention the year in which you achieved these qualifications. If you want to write your technical expertise, then it is a good idea to list them in a separate section.

After you have made your first draft, it is always good idea to revise it. This is done in order to eliminate any error in grammar or spelling. Such kinds of mistakes are not all acceptable. If you keep all these things in your mind while writing your finance resume, then it will surely be noticed by the recruiters. For more tips and help on writing such resumes you can look at and