Designer Resume

A well written resume can convince the recruiters that you are a good candidate for a particular job. A designer resume, similarly, should be well written so that a hiring manager will give you a chance to appear for an interview. A well written designer resume is not just a resume; it is a design in itself. An employer will expect to display your skills in your resume itself. The field of designing is quite vast and you must tell a prospective employer what your capabilities are as a designer. You should highlight your specialization as a designer. However, do not overdo it. It will appear like you are praising yourself.

The variety of samples given in this website has designer resumes of a variety of professions. Browse through the pages to see the resume that suits your requirement and you will be able to write your resume. This, in turn will lead to your dream job.

Write your specialization very clearly. Use appropriate keywords that will help the recruiters and the employers will be able to locate your resume from the job portal. If you apply for a job, make sure that you write a good cover letter along with a good designer resume.

In the section of educational qualifications, write down your qualifications and also mention if you have had received any training, or done some course. The resume should be written in such a clear-cut and concise manner that it should be able to convey what you intent to, even when a recruiter is browsing through your resume. You can also have a look at designer resume section on