Consultant Resume

A consultant is an expert in a particular domain and provides valuable information to those who seek information about that domain. A job in this field is very demanding as a consultant has to deal with people and also handle many problems. So if you are a consultant, you must have people skills along with your qualifications and your experience. Thus, depending on the type of industry that you are employed in, you must highlight what you have to offer a potential employer.

A good resume can open the doors of opportunity to a job of your choice. Many people think that if they have ample experience and the qualification, then they can get a good job. They do not realize that when recruiters search for jobs in various portals, they browse through numerous resumes. They have very little time and patience to look for information. So if your resume is not able to convey what you want to convey, then chances are that you will lose an excellent opportunity.

It is good to spend some time to write an impressive cover letter and a resume. An impressive consultant resume should have the following important features: contact details, a brief statement of your career objective, your executive summary, which tells the recruiter of your experience and your strengths, the details of your professional experience, your achievements (or your participation in some extra-curricular activities) and your areas of interest. Your professional experience should include your job responsibilities, your designation and the duration for which you worked. Go through the examples provided in this website and you will get an idea of how to write a consultant resume. For more samples can can have a look here (from and here (from