Accounting Resume

A resume is a detailed description of your job profile. A recruiter usually glimpse through a resume to see if a candidate has the credentials for a specific job. An accounting resume should highlight the experience in accounting and your qualifications.

If you are a fresher, you can state your objectives in the beginning. This should highlight you are efficient in your accounting skills and show that the company can benefit from these skill. You can also state that you have strong analytical skills and how proficient you are in using the computers, that is, your technical skills. The objectives section is usually written by people applying for a trainee or an intern job.

If you have some experience, then instead of writing the heading Objective, you should write Executive Summary. This can include the skills and experience that you have acquired in your previous organizations. For example, you can say that have an excellent knowledge of accounting; you have experience in preparing budgets; you have trained new joiners; you have handled a team of five members and so on.

Never include any false information in your resume. The employers can ask questions related to the information that you have included in your resume. You can browse through the pages to see the samples provided. There is no dearth of these examples. Be it a tax specialist, a finance accountant, an auditor or a billing clerk, this website has sample of accounting resumes that will help you to write your resume. What's more, the resumes range from an entry level personnel to a managerial level resume. For more samples, you can look here and here.