Biomedical Engineering Graduate Resume

Biomedical engineering is a cross study of various engineering and medical disciplines. Hence, a biomedical engineer emphasizes his study on a particular subfield in any of these disciplines.

A fresh graduate of Biomedical engineering (BME), however, may not have much idea about his/her career orientation due to the lack of knowledge regarding real-time scope of a particular field. Hence, it is quite normal that his/her resume would be more generalized one, as compared to that of an experienced BME.

Sample Biomedical Engineering Graduate Resume:

Juanita Nichols

456, X Street, Y Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA-90003

(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

Seeking a challenging and growth oriented job in biomedical engineering

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Highly gifted and brilliant mind, oriented for accepting all medical equipment building challenges
  • Exceptionally good and consistent academic performances
  • Ability to design new instruments as per the medical treatment demands
  • Introduced to the work environment at hospitals, Medical institutes and research labs, as part of academic assignments
  • Profound mastery in the engineering methods and techniques, that are used in designing new equipments
  • Thorough knowledge of major medical treatments and the related instrumentation
  • Vast information of the various computer aided designing tools used in biomaterials and biometrics
  • Enough exposure to the general practices in bio-instrumentation
  • Ability to work individually as well as a team-player
  • Exceptional ability to join or carry forward an on-going biomedical engineering project
  • Good at spoken and written English
  • Extra ordinary dexterity in using the web platform for a project development process
  • Great flexibility in terms of working hours and work load
  • Tremendously enthusiastic about learning new things (concepts) and applying them in the current scenarios

Academic education:

  • Graduate in Biomedical Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2009)

Academic Project:

  • “Material Efficiency in Artificial Limbs”. This was my academic project for my final year engineering. I studied different materials in terms of their efficiencies for producing high quality artificial limbs

Personal Details:

  • Date of Birth: XX / XX / 1984
  • Marital status: Single
  • Expected employment status: Full time
  • Ready to Relocate: Y / N

References: Will be available on request

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