Assistant Resume Template

A well organized resume is the first step of job hunting process. If you are looking for any job, it is must to have an effective and attractive resume in your job application. Moreover, you should attract recruiter to read your resume. For the purpose, your resume should be pleasurable and readable. It should be well organized.

Here, we have provided one assistant resume template. This template will help you in making your assistant resume attractive and effective. It will help you in shaping your resume in such way, which will catch the attention of the recruiters.

Assistant Resume Template:

Name & Address:

Your name and address is a very important section of your resume. You should provide your address details very correctly and in a specific way. This section helps recruiter to contact you. For example:

Gary Martinez
45, New Island Rd., Oakland, Florida- 200304
Home- (333) 2043459
Cell- 18091872


Objective and profile are optional sections of a resume. They are also optional to each other. If you write an objective, there is no need to write profile. Here, you can mention your skills and a position, which you are looking for. This section should not exceed more than two sentences.

Summary of Qualification:

This small section contains information about your skills, career achievements, qualities and core competencies. You should specify this information in a bulleted list. Reading information in bulleted list becomes easy for the recruiters.

Professional Experience/Work History:

This is a very important section of a resume. Here, you can write about your previous job experience. Here, it is very necessary to give relevant information. It will help you to write about responsibilities and duties you performed in a way that will match the job description given by the recruiter. This information should also be given in a bulleted list. For example:

Organization Name, Place
Duration: 2xxx to 2xxx

  • Job profile
  • Responsibilities
  • Achievements

Organization Name, Place
Duration: 2xxx to 2xxx

  • Job profile
  • Responsibilities
  • Achievements

Professional Skills:

This is the section where you can mention your specific skills like- communication skills, computer skills, technical skills, etc. You can also write about your strengths. Here, you can show how your skills and strengths match the skills needed for the position.


In this section, you should provide details of your educational qualification. You can write your degree name, place and the year in which you passed out. You can also write about the diploma courses and certifications.


This is an optional section of a resume. You can write about the honors and awards that you received in your educational or professional career.

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One Response to “Assistant Resume Template”

  1. Richard Brunt says:

    Resume myths abound

    Contrary to popular belief, resumes are not a complete list of everything you have done.

    Your resume should be a concise summary of your accomplishments, knowledge and skills that are relevant to the job you are targeting. Resumes are not an exhaustive list of everything you have done.

    Some people are convinced the resume is some kind of confessional, and they list in intricate detail every job since high school. This can really hurt your job search.

    For example, if you are targeting a sales management job, you don’t talk about that bartender job back in 1984. No one really cares. It takes up valuable resume space with irrelevant information.

    Listing experience unrelated to your career goal can water down, rather than enhance your resume. It can make you look unfocused, or unsure of your career path.

    If possible every point on your resume should cause the reader to think – “this is exactly the type of person we are looking for”.

    Big gaps can also be a problem however. You can minimize this issue by selecting the correct resume format and presenting dates with years only – not months.

    The goal of the resume is to get an interview. At the interview, mention that your resume is a summary of your relevant experience, not an exhaustive list.

    There is no rule that says everything you have done must be on your resume. Choose wisely, and if possible leave out things that may hinder your chances of getting called for an interview.

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