ASIC Engineer Resume

An ASIC engineer resume sample is given below. It highlights the roles and responsibilities of an ASIC engineer. Write your qualification and job description in your resume.

Ronald Smith
City, State
5th Street
Home: 111-787-3020
Cell: 222-702-8833
E-mail Address


A proficient, assiduous and an experienced ASIC engineer. Proven ability in IP-based designs, coding and maintenance. Expertise in handling projects and time analysis.

Core Strength:

  • Project management
  • Cooperative demeanor
  • Skilled in digital signal processing
  • Good knowledge in telecommunication
  • Responsible and excellent motivator

Career History:

ABC Company, Place, 2005-Present.

ASIC Engineer

  • Responsible for ASIC designs within VHDL
  • Prepared documents for describing the functionality of ASIC
  • Tested and evaluated prototypes
  • Led a project involving bus structure and RISC CPU
  • Experienced in RTL coding and system integration
  • Analyzed documents and designs
  • Responsible for planning for performance of graphics workstations

LMN Company, place, 2000-2005

ASIC Engineer

  • Used HDL for describing operation and designs of circuits
  • Conducted trainings and interviews
  • Developed prototypes within FPGA
  • Assisted architectural team for developing architectural documentations
  • Troubleshooting of network protocols

XYZ Company, Place, 1997-2000

ASIC Engineer

  • Designed chips for cell phones
  • Responsible for restoring and maintenance of systems
  • Prepared documents and reports
  • Assisted senior engineer in EHERNET interface
  • Attended meetings with ASIC suppliers
  • Market research to beat competitive product


  • Bachelors in Computer Science, name of University, Year
  • Masters in Computer Engineering, name of University, Year


  • NOS, UNIX, PLATO, RTL, Verilog, C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, Basic

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