Administrative Resume Cover Letter

A cover letter is nothing but a place where you are given an opportunity to impress your recruiters. It is nothing but a chance given you to market your skills and qualities. Therefore, you should make use of this excellent opportunity. Here, you directly communicate with your employer or recruiter. You should be quite careful while making this communication.

Here, we have given some tips and ideas for writing cover letter. An administrative resume cover letter is not an exception to all these rules and regulations. Therefore, you need to follow all these rules while writing administrative resume cover letter too.

Cover Letter Tips:

  • You should start your cover letter with brief introduction of the position you are applying for. This introduction should be brief and specific.
  • Mention the source i.e. how you get information about this opening (from Newspaper or Website)
  • Prove yourself by writing skills and qualities in brief, write- why you are perfect for this position
  • Provide brief information about the company which you are applying in and write why you are interested in this company
  • Write about your past and present experience in very specific way, provide relevant information
  • At the end, provide your address details and talk about the opportunity to meet for an interview

If you follow all these tips and ideas while writing your resume, then it will become very easy for you to prepare your cover letter.

Administrative Resume Cover Letter Sample:

James Richardson
09, Madison, New York
Cell- 459252180
Home- 333-25244109

Date: January 20, 2010

Andrew Miller
HR Manager,
ABC Company,
Madison- 144180

Dear Sir,

This is in response to the advertisement in the New York Times on January 18, 2010, for the position of Administrative Manager. I would like to apply for this position. My 14 years of experience and strong knowledge of this field will definitely help the company to meet all the goals and objectives.

I am highly qualified and skilled administrative professional with the following competencies and skills.

  • Strong Administration Skills
  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Highly Proficient in Computer Operations
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
  • Strong Problem Solving and Clerical Skills

I am interested in this position as my skills and qualification suite to your job requirements/job description in the advertisement. I have enclosed a copy of my resume. Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to hearing a call from you for further discussion.



James Richardson


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