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Mark Stephen
144, Golden Street, Houston,
Texas- 45009, Cell- 14758209


Highly qualified and skilled management professional willing to work on the position of administrative officer in an organization where my skills and knowledge of the field will be utilized to benefit the company

Summary of Qualification:

An accomplished administrative professional with strong 15 years of experience of this field, strong administration knowledge, excellent management skills, strong written and oral communication skills, other Core Competencies are:

  • Outstanding Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent Leaderships Skills
  • Self-motivated and enjoy working in team environment
  • Excellent Technical Knowledge

Work Experience:

Global Organization, Houston
From 2005 to present

Administrative Officer

Working on the position of administrative officer and handling all the duties assigned to this challenging position, these are as follows:

  • Mainly responsible for handling and managing daily administration of the organization to maintain a good work environment
  • Responsible¬†for supervising all the employees and their work, motivating them in meeting company’s objectives and goals
  • Handling all the clerical duties of the organization
  • Responsible for attending all the meetings with the directors and preparing new policies and plans for meeting company’s objectives

ABC Company, Houston
From 2000 to 2005

Administrative Assistant

Worked as an administrative assistant and handled all the duties and responsibilities of this position efficiently, these duties are as follows:

  • Responsible for performing daily administrative activities and reporting to the senior administrative officer of the organization
  • Responsible for assisting the administrative manager and handling duties like: maintaining files, compiling documents and other information, preparing reports/statements and so on
  • Attended all the meetings with the directors and played important role in preparing new strategies for the organization
  • Maintained a good rapport with all the employees

XYA Organization, Houston
From 1994 to 2000

Administrative Clerk

Served the administrative clerk position successfully and handled all the duties assigned to this position, these are as follows:

  • Responsible for handling all the daily operations of the administrative department and completing all the assigned duties by the manager
  • Responsible for other duties like preparing agendas for meetings, clerical duties, preparing statements and reports, computer related work, etc.
  • Responsible for keeping records of the files and other documents

Computer Knowledge:

  • Highly proficient in computer operations
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista
  • Internet Proficiency
  • Expert in using MS Office


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration from Houston University in 1994


Available upon request

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