Accounts Payable Analyst Resume

Accounts payable analyst resume should contain all the necessary details that the recruiter has to know. Therefore, you can add all the details that you feel are necessary for the interview process.

These details include your work experience, education details, and other related details that enable you to lure the recruiter to look through your profits and select your resume.

An accounts payable analyst handles a high volume of accounts-related activities. They monitor, processes, review invoices and maintain documents for record-keeping purposes. Accounts payable analyst works in small and large corporate sector. They are accounts professionals who are involved in the technical aspects of accounting processes.

Accounts payable analyst has to analyze the accounts of the company and provide a report for the specialists to take decisions accordingly. They will be required to do some accounting duties as well. Therefore the accounts payable analyst has to shift their profile to an accounting mode and analyst mode.

A resume has to include your thorough job profile. You can opt to add or leave out any sections in a resume. However make sure you do not leave out any key information. This will cost you big, because the recruiter will not be able to analyze your resume effectively.

Below is an accounts payable analyst resume that will help you to draft a resume in an easy way.

This resume will help you to introduce yourself as the right applicant for the position. Our aim is to help you in creating an everlasting impression on your prospective recruiter in the best possible way. This resume is written in a reverse chronological format.

Sample Accounts Payable Analyst Resume

Mike Fernando
1234 Main Court
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060
Phone: 257-356-7895

Career Objectives

To obtain the position of an Accounts Payable Analyst that will make effective use of my skills and knowledge in the field of accounting.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Comprehensive knowledge of calculating and analyzing figures
  • Extensive knowledge of major accounting methods and practices
  • Familiar with local, state and federal regulations
  • Advance knowledge of accounting softwares like Peachtree, QuickBooks, Excel spreadsheets, MS Word and the Internet
  • Effective analytical, organizational and time management skills
  • Strong command over spoken and written communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of general bookkeeping procedures
  • Attention to detail with good analytical skills

Summary of Work History

International Finance, California

June 2005–till date

Accounts Payable Analyst

  • Responsible for assisting accounts Payables team with processing of invoices
  • Handle the tasks of monitoring the status of discrepancy invoices and accounts payable reconciliations
  • Coordinates with vendors regarding remittance details and  payment issues
  • Responsible for conducting research on outstanding checks, void and reissue if required
  • Supervise and ensures that the internal control policies and procedures are adhered
  • Responsible for gathering and updating daily report to the management team

PAS Finance Associates, California

April 2003–December 2004

Accounts Payable Analyst

  • Handles the tasks of providing analytical and technical business support to accounts payable department
  • Conducts data research, perform analyses, presents results, and makes recommendations under the instructions of the Director
  • Works closely with internal customers and vendors to solve invoicing issues, if any
  • Coordinates with subject matter experts in implementing and testing process improvements
  • Ensures that accounts are reconciled and vouchers are processed timely and accurately
  • Assist department head and senior management by providing complex administrative and project support

Educational Summary

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

Science and Commerce College, California State in the year 2000

Personal Details

Name: Mike Fernando

Date of Birth: 13/1/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


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